Finding the Right Finance Solution for Your Business

Finding the Right Finance Solution for Your Business
Finding the Right Finance Solution for Your Business
October 31, 2016

The mistake that most entrepreneurs make is to fall for any business financing option that comes their way. Often, they will not take their time to read the terms and conditions, learn about the interest rate and answer certain yearning questions about their business before grabbing the loan. The result is usually devastating. Proper cautions should be taken while approaching for any funding procedure to make your business safe and secured for future. Here are some important steps you should follow if you are planning to apply for a loan from a lending institution for your small business.

Area recognition is vital for businesses seeking for loans

Taking up loans should not be a decision to be made without the due scrutiny of the business. Businesses have different sectors, inventory, equipment, manufacturing and so on. In most cases, it is not the business as a whole that needs a financial aid but a certain part of it. It is when you have fully understood your business that you will be able to point out the area that needs to be financed.

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Look for lenders that offer the lowest interest rates

The interest rate for lenders differs significantly. A high interest rate on a low income business will lead to a financial burden resulting in accumulation of debt. If a certain part of the business has been used as collateral, the business may risk losing that part to the lender. The best way to find low interest lenders is to first of all make a list of all the available lenders after which you verify their interest rates and note them down.

Some loans will need special qualification

It is possible that your business may not qualify for a few types of loans. For example, for your business to qualify for equity loans, it will need to have a tremendous growth rate. Businesses in their early years too will not have the privilege to access all kinds of loans because most of the lenders will not fully understand their direction as well as their lack of key financial indicators.

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Some traditional banks in Canada have low rates and flexible terms

Most of the financing banks in Canada have flexible terms and low rate interest rate. The only disadvantage they have is that loan processing can take an awfully long period of time to achieve. The amount may also not meet the expectations of your business. The lag in time and diminished funding are usually the sources of disappointment for business owners.

The door to alternative financing is open to businesses

Alternative commercial lenders are a way out of the limitations that mar loans from commercial banks. Alternative lending sources usually place less emphasis on the financial records and personal finances of businesses. They are less tedious to access. Their interest rates used to be higher but the increasing competition in the sector is taking care of that now.

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Do not be afraid of debt

Debt in business can be terrifying to the ears but what if you are told that you will not be able to access a loan if you do not have a certain amount of debt on your record? Too much of debt is unhealthy for a business likewise the lack of it. The latter is often an indication that your firm has never been tested, hence, have a high likelihood of defaulting when handed the loan.

Financing has the potential of increasing your goods or services

The list of alternating financing options includes tax credit financing, non-bank asset-based lines of credit, sales financing, inventory financing, sale-leaseback, A/R financing and so on. Getting adequate financing can help you expand your business which will give you the opportunity of competing favorably in the market. Speaking with a trusted and credible business financial advisor in Canada can make all the difference to your business.

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Article highlights

  • Entrepreneurs should critically analyze the financial need of their business.
  • Read the terms and conditions of every loan carefully before accepting it.
  • Lenders with low interest rate should be your target.
  • High interest rates make repayment difficult.
  • Different loans have different criteria they set for businesses.
  • Canadian traditional banks have lower interest rates.
  • Traditional banks take a long time to process loans.
  • Alternative lenders do not emphasize on financial records.
  • Debt in business cannot be waved away.
  • Adequate finance can hasten your business expansion.

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