How to Get Personal Loans with the Lowest Interest in Singapore

How to Get Personal Loans with the Lowest Interest in Singapore
How to Get Personal Loans with the Lowest Interest in Singapore
October 18, 2016

A loan is a necessity to meet financial needs of homes or businesses. However, many people shy away from loans because of the high interest rate associated with many of them. The large pool of money lenders further complicates the issue for those bent on searching out those with the lowest interest rates but all hope is not lost.

Personal loans are higher than bank loans

In the hierarchy of loans, personal loans are superior to bank loans. Unlike secured bank loans, finding a lending institution that would provide a personal loan at a reduced interest is a great challenge. Also, the numbers of institutions providing personal loans are more compared to the number of banks available.

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Personal loans can solve a variety of needs

Personal loans are usually applied when one has been met with a shortage of funds or want to buy something significant. Personal loans can be applied to cater for wedding expenses, children education, vacations, medical emergencies or funding a more capital intensive program like buying of appliances or renovation of homes.

Good credit score is required for a personal loan

A good credit score is associated with creditworthiness by lending institutions. Credit score grows as you take more loans and pay back promptly. A good credit score of more than 600 is regarded as good although some banks will accept a 550 score. Lending institutions will mostly request to see your credit score before they approve of your loan.Those with good credit score can leverage on it to apply for the personal loan.

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Low rate loans are the ultimate target of everyone

If you have been faced with an emergency or looming bankruptcy, a loan can easily get you out of the situation but at what cost? Taking up a loan to solve a pressing need will only solve half of the problem; the other half is paying back the loan. a loan with low interest is much easier to pay back than one with a high-interest rate. If the interest rate of a loan is too high, it becomes very easy for you to default in payment.

There are steps to get low rate loans

Paying a large amount of your loan upfront will increase the confidence the lending institution has for you and also reduce the burden of the remaining loans. Improving your credit score will increase your qualification for a personal loan. Personal loans with the best interest rate can easily be found using various online tools. Licensed money lenders in Singapore can also provide you with help on finding lending institutions with low interest.

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Providing some information about yourself or organization will better qualify you for a personal loan

Personal information including contact details and financial requirements and employer or employment details will need to be provided for evaluation. Personal loan lenders will need to verify your sincerity. The process of obtaining a personal loan is becoming simpler in recent times compared to what it used to be in the past.

Linking up with bankers will help you obtain the right information to low loans

If you have friends working in banks or other financial institutions, the likelihood of you getting information about financial institutions offering low-interest loans will be higher because they have an inside knowledge of the current happenings in the financial institutions.There are times when banks and financial institutions would slash their interest rate for a short time. If you have a banker as a friend, they will quickly bring such information to you.

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Article highlights

  • High interest rate discourages people from taking up loans.
  • The large population of lending institutions makes it difficult to find one with low interest.
  • Personal loans are used to meet pressing needs.
  • Lending institutions will prefer to lend to those with good credit score.
  • A credit score of 600 and above is regarded as good.
  • High interest loans make paying back very difficult.
  • The first step to obtaining a loan is to pay upfront.
  • The process for obtaining loan is becoming simpler.
  • Making friends who work in financial institutions will help you to get information on low rate loans.
  • Personal loans are higher than bank loans.

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