The Optimal Way to Compose a Business Loan Proposal

The Optimal Way to Compose a Business Loan Proposal
The Optimal Way to Compose a Business Loan Proposal
August 29, 2016

If you are a small business owner and you are in need of a loan, you are not alone. There are many small business owners who are looking for a way to expand their business and make their dreams a reality. The way to do this is to get more funds for your company and to get a loan. This cannot be done without a good business loan proposal.

The most important part is the business plan

The business plan is the part of the proposal that you need to spend most time on, you really need to put some effort into this. If you want to get a small business loan, the business plan is the first and most important step because it will represent your company and your goals.

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Make a short description of your company

This is the opening section of your business plan called the executive summary in which you find a short and interesting way to describe your company to the lenders. You state what your objective is once you get the loan and how much money you will need.

Give a brief history of your business

After that you can get into a more detailed explanation of what your company does and the history of it so far. You can explain how the company fits in the current market and how you are planning to improve upon it with the funds you would like to get.

Put enough data on your finances

This is the part where you explain how your current finances are looking and how you think they are going to look in the next 12 months and further. Provide your cash flow and your balance sheets, and show that your company’s finances are healthy.

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Explain in detail how the money will be used

For example, if you are in production, then explain in what ways you will use the money from the start to the finishing product. Or give estimation on how the sales of your products will go. Give the lender a reason to believe in your project and impress them with the way you run your business.

Research the lenders that are available to you

Spare some time and research the lenders that are available to you at this moment and see which ones are offering the best terms. These days there are a lot of online lending services and you need to be careful when you choose one.

Other important documents to add to the proposal

You can add other documents to your loan proposal to make sure that the lender has the best possible understanding of how your company works and how you will both benefit from the loan. Documents like research conducted about the company, studies of the market you are in and so on.

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Ask about the repayment plan

Ask your lender about all the things the repayment plan consists of. You need to know what the interest rate is, how many monthly installments there are going to be, what will happen if you are not able to pay one.

Present yourself and your company in the best light

It is important to remember that you need to be an excellent salesman and that you need to present your company in the best way. Use language that is clear and easy to understand and answer any questions that the lender may have for you. Focus on the success of your business plan and the future of your company.

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Article highlights

  • A business loan is a way to expand your company and move forward.
  • Many small business owners are looking for a loan these days.
  • The business plan is the key part of the loan proposal.
  • Give a brief description of your business and your plans.
  • Explain how your company will benefit from the loan.
  • Research the market and explain how your company fits into it.
  • Give detailed documents on your current finances.
  • Look through the possible lenders available to you.
  • Ask the lender everything you want to know about the loan itself.
  • Present yourself in the most impressive way.

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