Do’s and Don’ts by Personal Injury Lawyer at St George

Do’s and Don’ts by Personal Injury Lawyer at St George
Do’s and Don’ts by Personal Injury Lawyer at St George
December 11, 2016

The injuries sustained from accidents can be painful and the mental agony from the accident can be even more painful. The experienced lawyers at St. George based in Utah can help you in going through the legal proceedings and ease the tension. With over thirty-five years of success in representing the accident victims, St George is the best choice to help you at every stage of personal injury case. However, there are some do’s and do nots this law firm advices the victims of accidents.

Make Sure Anyone is Injured in the Accident

A person involved in an accident should immediately call and report the incident at 911. Take the help of paramedics or use the ambulance if anyone has sustained injuries. The accident should be immediately reported to the police and request them to arrive at the place of accident. The injuries should be made known to the police as the injuries that are sustained can become serious in the coming days.

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Make a Note of the Vehicle’s License Number

While waiting for the cops to arrive you should jot down the driver’s license number and check the insurance card. Make a note of the state of license issuance and the date of expiration. Also make a note of the policy number, contact number of the insurance company and the date from which it was in effect. Do not get into an argument with the other driver if he refuses to reveal the details. Just take pictures of the vehicle’s plate number and VIN number.

Talk with the Witnesses

Talk to any witnesses present at the scene of accident about what happened. Note down their address, name and telephone number. Never get into an argument with the witness if they say that it is your fault. Maintain a calm composure. Witness may recollect you having a bad temperament and the evidence from a witness cannot be used in legal proceedings.

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Never Admit Your Fault

While talking to the police or anyone at the accident scene, you should never admit that the accident was a result of your negligence or fault. While describing the events of the accident, make sure you do not add your opinion. Ask the police officer whether a written complaint has been made and by when the report will be available. Note down the report number or ask for an accident report card. You can mention your injuries as a written compliant only when injuries are reported.

Take Photographs of the Damages to the Vehicle and to Self

The damages sustained to the vehicle in an accident should be photographed as evidence. Photographs of injuries sustained during the accident should also be taken. This will be evidence and can be used against the insurance company at the time of presenting claim.

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Report the Accident to the Insurance Firm

Do not immediately call your insurance company. Carefully go through the events of the accident before informing. Also consult an experienced attorney who can give you advice, help you with the legal proceedings and can help with receiving compensation.

Let Your Attorney Report the Accident

Seek the help of a renowned and experienced attorney and let your attorney report the accident to the other driver’s insurance company and your insurance company. They will know how to report the accident in your benefit. Anything you report to the insurance company can be used against you, so it is best that your attorney does this on your behalf.

Document All Medical Records as Evidence

It is advisable that all the prescription and bills required for treatment for the accident be reserved. These documents act as a proof of evidence. Insurance company will avoid payment stating that the injuries does not require compensation. Use this as a proof against the insurance company.

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Article highlights

  • Take the help of an experienced attorney when involved in an accident.
  • Successful lawyers at St George can help with the same.
  • Call 911 after an accident and call the police and report injuries.
  • Note down the license number and vehicle VIN number.
  • Be polite while talking to witnesses.
  • Never admit your fault.
  • Ask the police office to write a report and note down the report number.
  • Take pictures of the damaged vehicle and the injuries.
  • Carefully go through the events before reporting the accident.
  • Let the attorney report the accident.

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