Eight Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Eight Steps to Take After a Car Accident
Eight Steps to Take After a Car Accident
December 15, 2016

It is important to plan and be aware of the things that need to be thought and done after being involved in an accident. Without knowing what needs to be done after an accident, you are bound to get furious and frustrated. Knowing what needs to be done can reduce the impact of the accident mentally. Always make sure that you go through these steps as to be aware about what needs to be done after getting involved in an accident.

Know Your Insurance Policy

It is always a good idea to be aware of the nature of the auto insurance you are holding. The policy laws vary from state to state and hence it is important to know beforehand the policies. Keep the information about your policy number, policy provide and phone number in your wallet and in the glove compartment of your car. In case of an accident, you can immediately inform your insurance company without any delay.

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Check if Everyone is Okay

You should make sure whether other passengers or anyone else on the road have been injured. You should consider calling 911 in case of injuries. Even if the injuries are minor or not apparent at the time of the accident, it is advisable to consult a doctor as a doctor will be in a better position to assess your condition and will tell you what to expect.

Immediately Inform the Police

After checking if everyone is okay, you should immediately report the accident to the police. A written report will provide as an evidence or an official record of the accident. Even if the accident or the injuries are minor, the police officer will only file a mere incident report. A more serious accident will require an accident report to be created which will prove to be helpful in the insurance process.

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Promptly Inform the Insurance Company

In case, payments are needed to be made to you or anyone else involved in the accident, it is wise to immediately inform the insurance company. Sometimes certain state laws prevent insurance companies from raising your rates unless the accident was due to your negligence. You should inform your insurance company within a day’s time.

Collect Ample Information

Take pictures of the surrounding area, damaged property, accident spot, and injury. Photographs are a wealth of information and will assist in filing a claim. Pictures are very crucial for accidents in parking lots and private properties. Your insurance company will ask you many questions related to the accident. So, it is important to collect information from witnesses as a backup for your statements.

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Do not Admit Your Fault

It is okay to express any concerns over damages sustained by others during the accident but it is very important you do not admit that it is your fault. It is important to stay calm and focused and not get carried away by emotions. Admitting your mistake will cost your insurance company to pay for other people’s injuries and also potentially lead to increase in your rate. It is fine to show compassion to others but never let this decide it was your fault.

Maintain a Track of the Repairs

Make sure the insurer repairs the vehicle and that all the original parts were only used while repairing. Do not get involved in discussions with the other driver. You should tell them that your insurer will take care of the situation. If the driver’s insurance company contacts you, you should inform your insurer and they will handle it. Your insurance company will discuss the best way to handle your claim.

Accidents in Parking Lot Should Be Treated Alike

Accidents that happen in parking lot should be treated in the same way an accident happens on road. Since stop signs and lane markings are not present in parking lot it, becomes difficult to establish who had the right of way.

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Article highlights

  • One needs to be aware of the things that needs to be done after an accident.
  • Have information about the insurance policy in your wallet and the car.
  • Check if everyone is okay.
  • Seek prompt medical assistance.
  • Inform a police officer.
  • Immediately let your insurance company know about the accident.
  • Collect as much information as possible.
  • Never admit that it was your fault.
  • See how the repair of the vehicle is going.
  • Accidents in parking lot should not be neglected.

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