Expert Lawyers for Car and Vehicle Accidents in Fort Myers

Expert Lawyers for Car and Vehicle Accidents in Fort Myers
Expert Lawyers for Car and Vehicle Accidents in Fort Myers
December 9, 2016

If you or your loved one is involved in an accident, it is quite possible that the amount that you will recover through claims made at insurance companies will not entirely cover for the losses incurred. In Fort Myers, there are expert lawyers who will be able to present your case in a way that can help you gain additional compensation. These lawyers also consult with medical experts who will support the evidence and will help in increasing the chances of filing a personal injury suit against a negligent driver.

PIP Insurance Will Compensate the Loss

Personal Insurance Protection (PIP) does not usually cover the medical expenses incurred after two weeks of the accident. PIP insurance only covers medical expenses incurred for emergency condition and within fourteen days. It is therefore important to seek prompt medical help and keep proof of the medical expenses incurred by you. The lawyers at Fort Myer will ensure that you gain adequate compensation for the injuries sustained.

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Car Accident Lawsuit Requires the Medical Proof

Immediately seek medical help after an accident. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and will let you know if you are suffering from a condition that requires emergency treatment. Such a condition will enable you to fully reap the benefits of PIP. All scratches and bruises should be noted down and after this an experienced Fort Myer accident attorney should be contacted.

Claim PIP Benefits in Full Following the Advice of your Attorney

You will not be entitled to recover the entire amount of the PIP insurance unless your doctor issues an emergency medical condition. This can help in receiving the full amount. The experienced Fort Myer lawyers can help you in claiming the PIP money and will help you to enjoy its benefits.

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Injuries Should Exceed the Limit

If you wish to go through the legal process, your lawyer will prove that the injuries you have sustained are exceeding the limit. Your attorney will consult with your doctor to present your case in court and present it in a way where your injuries will qualify for claiming money.

Collect Evidence of Negligence

If the injuries you sustained are above the threshold, your attorney will collect the evidence of negligent driving of the opponent. Based on this evidence, your attorney will create a case that shows how you incurred losses due to the negligent driving of the other party.

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Negotiate Settlement

Both the parties involved in the accident may try to negotiate a settlement before the lawsuit is filed. The insurer will try to pay less and will deploy tactics. Your attorney will present the case in such a way that makes the insurer’s client responsible for the losses you suffered in the accident and pay the full compensation.

File the Claim with Strong Evidences in Favor

When negotiation between the parties fails, your attorney will file your claim with the court. Your attorney and your defendant’s lawyer will present their case in court and the court will decide about your right for extra compensation. Your chances of getting additional compensation will depend on how strong your case is and how it is being presented. Fort Myers attorneys have a lot of experience in this field and a higher success rate.

Injuries that are Entitled to Claim Full Compensation

The attorneys at Fort Myers have had experience with filing claims where the clients have suffered extensive injuries like brain damage, injuries of the spinal cord, organ damage and so on. The amount of compensation you are entitled to is mainly based on how bad the injury is, whether there is insurance limitation and how negligent the opponent’s driving was. Expenses incurred from medical treatments, loss of pay, pain endured, expenses for funeral and related expenses can be claimed.

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Article highlights

  • There are several experienced accident lawyers at Fort Myer.
  • Emergency medical condition will help receive the full PIP insurance.
  • Get medical help immediately after an accident to legalize your claim for compensation.
  • Your doctor will evaluate if you have an emergency medical condition.
  • Your attorney will claim that you have injuries above the limit.
  • Your attorney collects the evidences of the opponent’s negligence.
  • Both parties will try to negotiate the claim.
  • Failed negotiations will lead to official filing of lawsuit.
  • You stand a high chance of getting additional compensation.
  • Your attorney will ensure you receive compensation.

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