Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident
Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident
October 31, 2016

Car accidents can be a serious and a problematic situation for the victim. Damage to self and property and the vehicle can cause a lot of trouble and tension. It is important to make sure that the victim gets prompt treatment without getting into financial troubles of medical expenses, car repairs and insurance. If you get into a car accident you should avoid doing certain mistakes.

Do Not Make Statements at the Car Accident Scene

All insurance companies would try avoiding making payments at such an event. The law states that any statement made by the victim can be used against him during legal proceedings. You should therefore be careful not to make any statement at the scene of the accident and should not post any pictures or videos on social sites.

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Get Prompt Medical Treatment

It is important that the victim gets treatment that is connected with the accident. The treatment should be promptly attended. Getting proper medical treatment will help in knowing the medical condition suffered by the victim during the accident. Not seeking prompt medical attention will worsen the condition of the victim and the insurance company will use this against you saying that you were not severely injured. This can also reduce the value of the case.

Preserving the Evidence

Take enough steps to procure and preserve the evidence of the accident. Take pictures of the vehicle that met with the accident. Take contact information of any witnesses. Also make sure you collect copies of the police reports and all the evidence of the accident. Keep records of the treatment undergone in relation to the accident.

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Be Consistent in Attending Treatment

You should never delay or postpone receiving medical treatment as this can work against you. Insurance companies will feel that the reason you put off the treatment was because you were not badly injured during the accident and will pay you less. During settlement process, seeking treatment slowly will be given a consideration that the injuries were not critical because getting well from a traumatic injury requires constant and consistent medical attention.

Be Truthful About Previous Injuries and Claims

The insurance company can make a claim that the accident was due to negligent driving. If the accident occurred due to previous injuries or medical conditions, it is important to mention this. Pre-existing conditions will not come in the way of your claim. Failure to mention past injuries and medical condition can diminish the strength of your case. This is more so if the part of the body injured in the current accident was the part with an existing medical condition.

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Seek Legal Advice Promptly

Seeking legal advice from good and reputed lawyers is very important. Your lawyer can give you advice on what to say and how to deal with the situation and also tackle the claims made by the insurance company tactfully. Your lawyer will make sure that every damage that you incur is well accounted for and will help in making negotiations in medical fees thereby maximizing the money you can make out the case.

Do Not Post on Social Sites

Postings done on social sites like Facebook and Twitter can become public record. Do not post pictures, comments or videos on these social sites as they can be used against you. Even if the photos are not directly related to the accident, the insurance company may use this information and it can be used against you in unforeseen ways.

Inform Your Employer

After the accident, it is advisable to keep your employer informed about the current situation and the medical treatment that you are undergoing. Employer’s advice and instructions should be carefully followed as this can protect you in your responsibilities towards the job. Make sure that your work ambience will not cause any further injury or reduce the value of the case.

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Article highlights

  • Make sure you do not make mistakes that will cancel your claim for insurance.
  • Avoid making statements at the accident scene.
  • Do not post pictures on social sites.
  • Be prompt in seeking medical help.
  • Collect all evidence related to your claim.
  • Do not delay in seeking medical treatment.
  • Mention all previous medical conditions and claims.
  • Take the help of reputed lawyers.
  • Refrain from indulging in social media.
  • Keep your employer in the loop regarding the accident.

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