Steps to Be Taken After an Accident

Steps to Be Taken After an Accident
Steps to Be Taken After an Accident
December 12, 2016

Being involved in a car accident can leave you tensed and helpless. It is very important that you know the steps that needs to be taken after getting involved in an accident. This can make the situation a lot easier to handle and would make the event less stressful. Here is a guide to what needs to be done after an accident.

Stay Safe After the Accident

After getting involved in an accident, it is quite possible that you would have sustained some injuries. Even if you have not, you should move your car to a safe place to avoid and prevent any further damage, like parking the vehicle in the shoulder of the road. You should at the same time make sure that you are not too far from the accident scene. If you are not in a position to move the car you should warn the oncoming traffic about the hazardous state.

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Try to Get Out of the Vehicle

After the accident, you should make sure that your vehicle is no longer moving and also turn off the engine. Try to park the vehicle in a safe area not far from the scene of the accident. Relax and compose yourself and do not get stressed out. Before getting out of the vehicle you should make sure that it is safe to get out of the vehicle. Make use of safety road features that are available.

Check if Everyone is Safe

Make sure if there are others also who got injured during the accident. Check on other passengers and pedestrians to see if they got injured in the accident. After this you should immediately call the 911. Seek medical help immediately. Even if there is no injury it is quite possible that the symptoms will develop later because of the accident.

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Report the Accident to the Police

Even if the accident is a minor one, you should immediately inform the police and report the accident.This is important because it will otherwise diminish the value of your case during legal proceedings with the insurance company. Report the course of the event and make sure that a written report is being made and do not forget to collect the report number. Never admit that it as your fault, not even partially. It is for the police to assess the accident.

Collect Information

After the accident and while you are waiting for the police to arrive, you should collect information of the other driver’s license number, insurance policy number, the state of issuance and the vehicle’s VIN number. The model of the car should also be noted down. This can be helpful while filing a lawsuit. If the driver refuses to exchange the information, then do not get into an argument. It is enough that you note down the license plate number and the vehicles VIN number or just take picture if you do not have time to write it down.

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Witness as an Evidence

In the event of an accident, you should collect as much evidence as possible. If there are any witnesses present at the time of the accident you should collect information from them and ask them how the accident happened. Make sure that you do not get into an argument with the witnesses. A witness’s information is crucial during legal proceedings and an angry witness could go against you.

Document The Evidence

Take as many photos of the accident scene and the condition and scratches of the vehicle. Photographs of the injuries sustained should also be documented. This can be helpful while filing a law suit. The receipts of the medical treatment should be preserved as the insurance company will try to avoid payment stating that the injury was minor.

Seek the Help of an Attorney

After an accident, you should immediately seek the help of an experienced lawyer and he will give you advice on how to proceed. Your attorney will present your case in a way that you receive maximum compensation and will be in a better position to deal with the insurance company.

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Article highlights

  • There are some steps you need to take after an accident.
  • Make sure you move to a safe place after the accident.
  • Immediately get out of the vehicle.
  • Call 911 and report the accident.
  • Check if others got injured in the accident.
  • Inform the police.
  • Collect the vehicle number and VIN number of the other driver.
  • Take information from witnesses.
  • Take photographs related to the accident.
  • Seek the help of an expert attorney.

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