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A miracle Chinese Herb to Cure Alcohol Induced Hangover

Waking up to a head throbbing hangover from the previous night’s heavy dose of booze can be quite distressing. Scientists have stumbled upon the herb HoveniaDulcis that proves to be a natural remedy to mitigate the effects of drinking and even possibly stop an alcoholic from seeking treatment. This herb is a promising solution and a sure shot antidote that can soothe the uneasiness from a hangover.

Alcohol can Cause Cancers and Accidents

Alcohol is the prime reason behind accidents across the world. The intoxicating effect experienced by its user comes with a price. It incapacitates a person and makes him vulnerable to accidents. The cognitive impairment leads to risk driving and accidents. Alcohol has negative effects on one’s health. Research has established a link between alcohol and cancer. Here are some important facts regarding alcohol consumption and the possibility of developing cancer for it.

The Origin of the Word ‘Alcohol’ and What It Symbolizes

Alcohol, the miracle stress relieving drink is a beverage that has intoxicated many across the globe. This wonder drink is now being resorted to as a quick and a full proof way to shed and keep aside all worries at bay. This beverage has been prevalent since time immemorial. This article outlines the origin of the word ‘alcohol’ and its symbolism in the bygone era.

Alcoholism may be Associated with Intestinal Flora

Addiction to alcohol was considered a disease where the changes in the physiology of the brain was to be blamed. This is no longer the case. A recent study claims that an imbalance in the bacterial composition in the intestine is associated with an addiction to alcohol and a relapse of alcoholism post the treatment.

Believe It or Not, Smartphone Apps can Tackle Alcoholism

The price an alcoholic has to pay compels them to be staid. Kicking alcoholism off the nerves can be challenging. Well, this has fortunately become a thing of the past. Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier but what is more interesting is the fact that many apps are now available, which can help in tackling alcoholism. These sobriety apps work wonders and many alcoholics have benefitted from this. Know about a list of apps that helps one to stay sober.

A Vaccine that can Treat Alcoholism

Waking up to a hangover from the previous night’s heavy booze can be excruciatingly difficult. The throbbing head ache can literally make one sick to the stomach. Despite this, people are still addicted to this stress relieving drink. Unable to fight the addiction, alcoholics resort to treatment that can be very time consuming and where the odds of a relapse cannot be ruled out. Science has come up with a new vaccine that has the potential to cure alcoholism. This article tells you how this miracle vaccine can get rid of this epidemic.

Possibility of Massive Rise in Alcoholism and Drug Disorders among the Elderly in the Next Decade

Across the globe, people are witnessing an insurgence of substance use disorder epidemic among the elderly. This danger that has been lurking in our society has often gone unnoticed. Alcoholism and substance use addiction has plagued the youth but this addiction has become predominant among senior citizens. The article probes into the reasons behind this and the treatment options available to help our aging citizens.

Women are Resorting to Treatment for Alcoholism Sooner Than Men

Across the globe, people are plagued by alcoholism. Once considered a disease solely among men, women are now being succumbed to this. Unlike men, women seek for medical intervention much sooner than men. Research shows that women on an average seek help around 4-5 years earlier than men. This article briefs on the reasons why women get treated much earlier than their male counterparts and how alcoholism affects the bodies of men and women differently.

Brain Imaging Provides Insight into a Person’s Odds of a Relapse of Alcohol Abuse

Detoxifying and coming out clean from alcohol addiction can be quite challenging. Well, what is more challenging is to steer free from situations that can trigger one to get into the habit. This need not be a reason to worry as the latest advancements in the science of brain imaging offers clues about whether or not you are likely to get back into the craving desire for addiction. This article features on the latest advancements in brain imaging and people who are at a greater risk of a relapse of alcohol addiction.

Iran’s Efforts to Tackle Alcoholism

Consumption of alcohol has become widespread. Iran is considered to be the third largest Muslim country of alcohol consumers. The nation is on a mission to detoxify all the alcohol addicts and to emerge as a “dry country” that is free from this addictive substance. This article features the problems faced by Iran due to alcohol consumption and the measures being taken to ban alcohol.

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