A miracle Chinese Herb to Cure Alcohol Induced Hangover

A miracle Chinese Herb to Cure Alcohol Induced Hangover
A miracle Chinese Herb to Cure Alcohol Induced Hangover
October 31, 2016

Waking up to a head throbbing hangover from the previous night’s heavy dose of booze can be quite distressing. Scientists have stumbled upon the herb HoveniaDulcis that proves to be a natural remedy to mitigate the effects of drinking and even possibly stop an alcoholic from seeking treatment. This herb is a promising solution and a sure shot antidote that can soothe the uneasiness from a hangover.

A Chinese herb that can treat alcoholism

Since time immemorial, Chinese herbalists have been using fruits from a plant called Hoveniadulcis, otherwise known as the oriental raisin tree to treat alcoholism. This was an integral part of the Chinese folk medicine.

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The chemical component from the herb can inhibit intoxication

An extract from the seed of the fruit from HoveniaDulcis called Dihhydromyricetin (DHM) counteracts the effects of alcohol. DHM was capable of inhibiting the intoxicating effects of alcohol on the GABAA receptors. Alcohol usually interacts with theses receptors that causes drowsiness and an inability to properly communicate. DHM has been approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

The use of the DHM extract has become imperative

The need for an immediate use of the DHM extract has become a top priority. Statistics reveal that deaths caused annually due to alcohol was around 2.5 million and over 15 million Americans were alcohol dependents. Apart from this over 500,000 people fell in the age group of 9 to 12. Studies also reveal that only 13% of alcoholics seek help. Thus, DHM can be instrumental in treating alcoholism.

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Clinical trials were conducted on rats

The effects from alcohol intoxication works the same way in rats and humans. Scientists used intoxicated rats to study the effects of DHM. These rodents were intoxicated with 15 to 20 bottles of alcohol in a time frame of 2 hours.

Effects of DHM spiked alcohol on rats spoke volumes about its effectiveness

After intoxicating the rodents with nearly 20 bottles of beer in 2 hours of time, scientists were surprised to note that the rats that were given beer which was spiked with DHM did not get affected by alcohol and had high tolerance level as opposed to ones that were given regular booze. The rodents that consumed alcohol spiked with DHM were able to remain sober in 15 minutes.

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The results of the trials were satisfactory

Rodents that did not consume DHM spiked beer had cravings to consume more post the first drinking session while the ones offered with alcohol containing DHM did not have cravings post the first drink.

DHM can cure alcoholism

Based on the results from the clinical trials conducted on rats, scientists firmly concluded that DHM made one more tolerant to alcohol and that cravings for alcohol can also be put to stop. Findings also revealed that hangover symptoms like depression and anxiety usually cleared up within two days. An alcoholic being treated with DHM was less prone to seizures. Addiction to alcohol can also be stopped with DHM.

The benefits of DHM are numerous

DHM has been declared as an antidote for alcohol as it can relieve and prevent the side effects of alcohol. It is safe as it is naturally derived from plant extracts. DHM speeds up the metabolism of the acetaldehyde, a toxic compound that can cause hangover symptoms. DHM also relieves the symptoms faced while going on an alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to sleep deprivation. Taking DHM can improve the quality of sleep. Hangover is also known to cause dehydration as a result of nausea and vomiting. DHM if consumed with enough water will not lead to dehydration.

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Article highlights

  • Alcohol can cause hangover which can be very disturbing.
  • HoveniaDulcis is a Chinese herb that can prevent hangover.
  • DHM, the extract from the herb inhibits the effects from alcohol.
  • The rate of deaths caused by alcohol is on the rise
  • The use of DHM can stop a person from being addicted.
  • Clinical trials were done on rats.
  • Rodents that consumed DHM spiked beer did not have craving.
  • The tolerance to alcohol was high with DHM.
  • Alcohol addiction can be completely cured with DHM.
  • DHM cleared hangover symptoms within few days.

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