A Vaccine that can Treat Alcoholism

A Vaccine that can Treat Alcoholism
A Vaccine that can Treat Alcoholism
October 29, 2016

Waking up to a hangover from the previous night’s heavy booze can be excruciatingly difficult. The throbbing head ache can literally make one sick to the stomach. Despite this, people are still addicted to this stress relieving drink. Unable to fight the addiction, alcoholics resort to treatment that can be very time consuming and where the odds of a relapse cannot be ruled out. Science has come up with a new vaccine that has the potential to cure alcoholism. This article tells you how this miracle vaccine can get rid of this epidemic.

The vaccine creates instant hangover

This experimental vaccine when injected causes terrible hangover when a person drinks. The drinker is bound to experience distress, nausea and palpitation. The discomfort caused due to drinking is so uncomfortable that a person would abstain from alcohol.

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The rise in alcoholics is the reason why this vaccine is being introduced

Studies and clinical reports show that one out of fifteen men is an alcoholic and that around 16% of the calories in an American diet accounts for alcohol. Around 18 million people in the U.S. are alcoholics. Alcoholism can cause several diseases and is detrimental to a person’s well-being. Accidents due to drunk-driving has also risen. Suicidal thoughts are also common among alcoholics.

The effect of vaccine speeds up hangover

The liver usually converts into a compound that causes hangover which is later broken down. What this vaccine does is that it sends a message to the liver to stop the breaking down of alcohol. The result is extreme discomfort after just a single sip of alcohol.

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Effects of the vaccine on an alcoholic can lead to abstinence

A person who has been injected this vaccine will experience discomfort after consuming a very little amount. Instead of feeling relaxed which the alcohol used to offer before will no longer offer pleasure and relaxation. Slowly the alcoholic will associate discomfort and extreme pain with alcohol and this can lead to abstinence. Alcoholics will resort to other activities of passion to ward off stress.

The duration of the effects of vaccine is long

The effect of vaccine remains in the body for about six months to about a year and every time a person drinks, the hangover process kicks in at the very first sip. Those who have been administered this vaccine should not be drinking for at least six months as to stop the bad effects that the vaccine can cause upon drinking. This long gap will completely recover a person from alcoholism.

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The alcohol intolerance of certain Asians was an inspiration for the vaccine

Studies show that around 20% of the eastern population of Asia has a genetic mutation with intolerance to alcohol. The liver of people with this kind of a mutation cannot break down alcohol which thereby makes them very uncomfortable after drinking. This thought led to the birth of this vaccine. Scientists came up with this vaccine that does not allow the ability to form the second enzyme which breaks down alcohol.

Clinical trials were performed on mice

This vaccine was initially administered on mice as a part of a clinical study to help scientists to determine the right amount of dosage so that the amount of dosage to be administered on human subjects can be ascertained. The tests performed on mice showed favorable results.

The benefits reaped from this vaccine are more favorable

The traditional methods of treatment require a patient to take several medication and undertake numerous visits to the treatment centers. The duration of the treatment also takes several months. On the contrary, the vaccine only requires the patient to be present in the clinic once to get the vaccine administered and follow ups are not required. The effects of the vaccine last longer and a complete recovery is possible.

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Article highlights

  • The hangover caused from drinking can be very difficult.
  • There has been a rise in alcoholics around the globe.
  • The vaccine creates extreme difficulty at the very first sip of alcohol.
  • An instant hangover is experienced by those who have been vaccinated.
  • Alcoholics will associate bad experience with alcohol.
  • The effects of the vaccine last about a year in the body.
  • The mutation of eastern Asians was the thought that led to the inception of the vaccine.
  • Trials performed on mice were favorable.
  • Based on these trials the amount of dosage was determined.
  • Vaccine promises to completely cure an alcoholic.

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