Believe It or Not, Smartphone Apps can Tackle Alcoholism

Believe It or Not, Smartphone Apps can Tackle Alcoholism
Believe It or Not, Smartphone Apps can Tackle Alcoholism
October 30, 2016

The price an alcoholic has to pay compels them to be staid. Kicking alcoholism off the nerves can be challenging. Well, this has fortunately become a thing of the past. Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier but what is more interesting is the fact that many apps are now available, which can help in tackling alcoholism. These sobriety apps work wonders and many alcoholics have benefitted from this. Know about a list of apps that helps one to stay sober.

Clinical testing of these apps shows favorable results

An alcoholic who undergoes treatment for alcoholism typically does not receive adequate care post the treatment and this leads to a relapse. These sobriety apps help them to be in contact with other alcoholics to discuss their problems. Clinical trial reports have come up with the conclusion that these apps have helped alcoholics to remain sober.

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A-CHESS app helps patients to abstain from alcohol

The Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS) provides 24/7 support and asks questions that help to assess how the patient is coping with sobriety. One has access to support groups and can chat with counselors. It tracks a user using the phone’s GPS feature and cautions them if they are approaching a bar. The “panic button” when clicked will help the user to divert his attention when cravings kick in.

AA app promotes recovery in alcoholics

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) app is a popular app that aims at recovering users from alcoholism. This app is designed on a 12 step approach where each step is a milestone towards complete abstinence. The AA app tracks how much the user indulges in alcohol and how big or small the problem is. The cost estimator feature in the app keeps an account of how much is being spent on alcohol.

Happify app helps users to tackle mood swings

The Happify app has features that will help with mood swings and prevent users from resorting to violent behavior. The audio recordings are designed to keep all the negative thoughts at bay and motivate users to be confident and help to ward off stress. This app shows a graph of the user’s level of happiness.

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This app is designed in a way that helps its users to set goals and limits that will help in recovery from alcoholism. It helps to limit the number of drinks a user indulges in and makes a user proud of himself upon reaching the targeted milestone.

The AlcoDroid Tracker app measures the number of drinks

This app monitors the number of drinks and the amount of alcohol the user consumes. The level of alcohol in the blood is computed based on user inputs. This app helps to limit the alcohol consumption and the cost estimator feature in this app tells the user how much it is hurting the wallet.

My Daily Journal app helps the user to articulate thoughts

The negative thoughts and emotions of an alcoholic needs to be channelized and this app just helps with that. Users can write down their emotions without fearing about being judged. Photos can be added along with the user’s messages and can even be uploaded on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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Sobriety Counter helps to track the number of sober days

The Sobriety Counter app helps to track down the number of days a user has remained sober and photos can be uploaded upon receiving new tokens. Even if the user indulges in drinking, the counter can be reset and the process can be started again.

The SoberTool app has many features of other apps

SoberTool app has various important features of the rest of the apps that prevent the user from going into a relapse. The tracker helps to limit the number of drinks and the calculator computes the money saved by not drinking. AA meetings that are local to the user’s location can be found and many motivational messages can be read.

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Article highlights

  • The smartphone apps help a person to abstain from alcohol.
  • Studies prove that these apps can help alcoholics.
  • A-CHESS app offers support to alcoholics and helps them to abstain from alcohol.
  • AA app celebrates every milestone achieved toward complete recovery.
  • Happify app controls the user’s depression.
  • app helps the user to set milestones.
  • The AlcoDroid Tracker tracks the number of drinks taken.
  • My Daily Journal app motivates users to write down his emotions.
  • Sobriety Counter app keeps track of the sober days.
  • SoberTool app has many features of other sobriety apps.

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