Dealing with a Family of Drug Dealers

Dealing with a Family of Drug Dealers
Dealing with a Family of Drug Dealers
June 1, 2016

It is often unfortunate that a child may be born into a society where dealing in drugs is not a problem at all. At such, a child may have parents, brothers and sisters that all deal in drugs. Would you blame such a child if he or she grows up and decide to toll the family line? Guess not but does the law take note of this in spitting out punishment to such people?

This is probably the most difficult position one can be in; trying to help someone that you love so dearly (a blood relative at that) while also trying to shield them from the long arm of the law. Often, family members are torn, divided leading to parties for and those against.

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Family support to a drug dealer

The first reason why a family member may not want to willingly give up another member who is a drug dealer to the law is because of the stigma that may follow. When someone is caught as a drug dealer, the family will often be referred as family of drug dealers and no one wants to be called such a demeaning name.

The second reason is probably because of the gains of the illicit business. No doubt, some of the drug dealers are making huge amount of money from which all the other members of the family may be feeding from. Giving up such a member may spell doom to the financial situation of the family.

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Family members should consider the risks associated with the fellow drug monger

Families shielding and living under the same roof with a drug dealer have not considered the risk of doing so. Drug dealers are also sometimes drug addicts which mean that they are grossly mentally unstable. They may grow violent suddenly and inflict bodily harm on another member of the family which may lead to death or irreparable scar.

Second, drug dealers often make a lot of enemies along the line of their trade. What this means if his or her enemies come knocking around and he or she fails to show up, they may decide to pick on soft targets; the members of his or her families. The health implication is also a large topic of discourse especially if there are kids around.

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Also, the entire family may become implicated in some legal matters that may cost them very dearly. The bottom line is, a drug dealer needs to be helped by the family members for the drug dealer’s good and for the good of the entire family. Helping them here doesn’t necessarily have to do with inviting the cops but taking a long lasting approach.

The best way to help a dealer and addict family member

The best way to help a drug dealer by the family members remains luring them to the rehabilitation centers where the professionals would do the rest.

To conceal the identity of the family, they may decide to take the drug dealer cum addict to a rehab far away from their residence. This will not only remove the danger from your home but also help to recover a near lost family member.

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Article highlights

  • Drug dealers are very secretive.
  • It is difficult for a member of a drug addict’s family trying to shield and help them at the same time.
  • Drug dealers often make lots of enemies and put their family at risk.
  • Helping a drug dealer doesn’t have to involve the cops.
  • The best way to help a drug dealer is to take them to a rehab.
  • A family may not want to give up a drug addict because of stigma.
  • Another reason family members may shield a drug addict is for financial benefits.
  • A drug dealer puts the health of the family at risk.
  • A child born into a drug dealing family should not be blamed for following the family line.
  • Drug dealers are often drug addicts too.

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