Ideal Centers Where Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment can be Done

Ideal Centers Where Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment can be Done
Ideal Centers Where Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment can be Done
August 26, 2016

Getting off alcohol as an addict is not as easy as many people might think it is. ‘Just stop drinking’ some will taunt but the bitter reality is that an addict who has been into heavy consumption of alcohol either for a few weeks to years and suddenly decides to quit or reduce consumption can be thrown into alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be possibly life threatening and can begin abruptly within hours from last consumption and can persist over a long period of time. The symptoms can be mild or severe ranging from anxiety to convulsion to hallucination and so on.

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90% alcohol addicts experience withdrawal syndrome

The statistics available shows that about ninety five percent of persons who quit alcohol, irrespective of their gender would experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The percentage is very high and worrisome, raising questions to why some of these substances are not yet banned from public use.

What you should do if your family member is an alcohol addict

It can be a very difficult moment trying to put up with a family member who is an alcohol addict because alcoholics are often very vile in their actions, not to talk about the spew of vomit they often leave in their tracks.

However, shouting at them is not the best option because it will only achieve one of two things; either you drive them more nuts and send them deeper into withdrawal or you will end up increasing your blood pressure and neither of both are good outcomes.

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The best solution is to take them to a rehabilitation center where they will be taken care of by professionals till they are able to fight their addiction and live a normal life. Mental and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer patients a safe environment where they can quit their alcohol intake under close supervision to avoid the ugly alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Detox program to handle alcohol withdrawal syndrome

The best way to handle alcohol withdrawal syndrome is through an elaborate detox program. A detox program in this case will focus on eliminating every trace of alcohol in the body and washing the vital organs of any effect the prolonged consumption of alcohol would have had on them.

Very often, a detox program may be used which would necessitate that the patient is dosed with any of the following drugs; tranquilizers like Valium, Librium, orAtivan. At other cases, natural herbs or workout sessions might be the preferred option.

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Taking care of a loved one going through an alcohol rehab

When a loved one is going through an alcohol rehab that is when they need you the most. The slightest feeling of abandonment may have an adverse effect on their efforts. Visiting or calling to check up on them, for in house patients, would be most commendable.

Also, their nutrition is something that should be taken seriously. Avoid feeding them with more addictive substances like caffeine. Their foods too should be rich in vitamins and low in fats and most importantly, they should get enough fruits which have components that helps detoxify the system.

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Article highlights

  • It is not easy to get off alcohol addiction.
  • Alcohol addicts who try to break free can be hit by alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • About ninety five percent of males and females have alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome may present mild or severe symptoms.
  • Mild symptoms includes shaking while the more severe symptom is convulsion.
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can start from two hours of last drink.
  • The best way to help an alcohol addict is by taking them to the rehab.
  • Handling alcohol withdrawal is often through detox.
  • Detox may include tranquilizers like Valium,Librium, or Ativan.
  • Serve loved ones recovering from alcohol addiction lots of fruits.

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