Iran’s Efforts to Tackle Alcoholism

Iran’s Efforts to Tackle Alcoholism
Iran’s Efforts to Tackle Alcoholism
October 25, 2016

Consumption of alcohol has become widespread. Iran is considered to be the third largest Muslim country of alcohol consumers. The nation is on a mission to detoxify all the alcohol addicts and to emerge as a “dry country” that is free from this addictive substance. This article features the problems faced by Iran due to alcohol consumption and the measures being taken to ban alcohol.

Relevance of alcohol was predominant in the Persian mythology

Wine had a cultural significance in Persian mythology. There is a lot of reference about wine in the poems of famous Persian poets. Even the Persian paintings and miniatures show that wine and grapes were widely used in olden days.

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The Iranian revolution introduced laws against alcohol

The inception of the Iranian revolution in 1979 witnessed stringent laws being formulated against alcohol consumption. The law prohibits Iranian Muslims from consuming alcohol as it was considered a crime against the lord. Despite the enactment of this law, the nation was succumbed to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is creating a turmoil in Iran

Many health organizations and reports from police have shown an alarming rise in accidents caused due to drunk-driving. Many drivers failed to pass the alcohol and drug test and their license was withheld. Hospital authorities also cited a steady rise of medical and psychological disorders among alcohol consumers.

Non-Muslims are granted permission to drink alcohol

The non-Muslim population, which is in minority in Iran, is given permission to consume alcohol within the confines of their community. Some communities like the Eucharist are required to consume alcohol during religious ceremonies. Christians and Jews are the only communities that are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into Iran.

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Alcohol is illegally brought into the nation

The alcohol beverages consumed by Iranians are brought in illegally from Iraqi Kurdistan. The minority population of Iraq, who are allowed to bring alcohol into the country also have a hand in this. Some alcohol beverages are being made from home. Iranians are able to purchase alcohol through the black market. Illegal imports of theses beverages are taking place in Iran.

Iranian officials are in denial of the rise in alcoholism

Since Iran is an Islamic country where the religion prohibits its followers from alcohol consumption, many government authorities are still in a denial mode and not ready to accept the fact. This denial has led to not taking sufficient measures to tackle the situation in hand. Though this has been a problem for decades, it is only recently that a clinic received permit to deal with alcohol related problems.

Iran cautions its citizens on the negative effects of alcohol

As a measure to ban alcohol in Iran, the government authorities are now educating people on the ill effects of alcohol consumption and ways to abstain from this. People are briefed on the effects of alcohol not from a religious stand point but the health risks posed.

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Many rehabilitation centers are being set up

The government of Iran has declared that the country is opening many alcohol detox clinics across the nation to detoxify alcohol consumers. As many as 150 alcoholism treatment centers will be established.

Problems caused due to strict laws force addicts to hide the issue

The Islamic Republic of Iran has enacted strict laws that forbid consumption of alcohol. The law states that those found guilty would have to pay heavy fines and would be punished by 80 lashes. Despite these restrictions and prohibitions, the nation has witnessed a steady rise in alcoholism. People are scared to get treated because of the heavy penalty, which makes it difficult to tackle the situation. People who are planning to get cured will have to face the bunt of legal issues.

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Article highlights

  • Iran has become a country with leading rate of alcohol addicts.
  • The Persian mythology shows widespread use of wines.
  • It is the Iranian revolution that passed laws to ban alcohol in the country.
  • Iran faces many medical issues due to alcohol addiction.
  • The minority sections of non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages are smuggled into Iran.
  • Iran officials initially denied the rise in alcoholism.
  • People are educated about the bad effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Many rehabilitation centers have been set up in Iran.
  • Heavy penalties for alcohol users are preventing people from seeking medical help.

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