Questions you Need to Answer When Choosing a Rehab Center

Questions you Need to Answer When Choosing a Rehab Center
Questions you Need to Answer When Choosing a Rehab Center
August 26, 2016

The hardest part of drug addicts who desire to change is making themselves available to rehab centers. Because of wrong information about the failure of rehab programs, some may be reluctant to offer up themselves voluntarily for the program.

On the other hand, for those who have taken the bold step to seek help in rehab centers or for family members seeking to take their loved one who is a drug addict to rehab centers, there are questions you will need to answer about the rehab center you intend enrolling. Some of those nagging questions includes;

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Is the center conducive?

A rehab center without be fitting infrastructure and the basic amenities that should be found in every home is a NO NO for inpatients. Added to that, there should be a robust sanitation plan for the center to avoid all forms of nosocomial infection.

Is the rehab center licensed?

This is another question that you should seek answer to before enrolment. Lack of license is an indication that the center is likely under illegal practice and when rehab or health centers are illegal, the quality of care you are bound to get is questionable.

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Are patients treated in the same way?

This is probably the leading cause of many rehab failures, treating patients in the same way. A good rehab center should have programs that are peculiar to every patient i.e. the program should be designed specifically according to the patient’s need and type of addiction rather than applying a program meant for a drug addict to an alcohol addict.

Is there a post rehab treatment plan?

If the rehab center’s treatment begins and ends in the center, their service is questionable. What if there is a relapse or the patient falls into depression? Look for a rehab center that offers follow up treatments and checks till it is evident the patient is totally free from the addiction.

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Are the medical personnel professionals?

How will you know a medical professional? It is totally easy and this can be done by going through their records or getting their names and doing a random search on the internet. If there is nothing concrete linked to their names, then you need to think twice.

Is the rehab center prudent with record keeping?

Record keeping is a vital part of any organization, in medicine and business alike. Not only would record keeping help you to track where a fault began, it will also help to document how a certain case was treated so that in the future, if such cases should arise, the same can be applied to stem it.

Is there an efficient detox plan?

Detox, which is the short for detoxification, is a medical practice of total body cleansing often targeted as specific organs of the body. This procedure is very important in treating addiction and probably the first thing that would be done. If this program is not available or is not properly monitored by trained, professional medical personnel, then you will need to think twice about the rehab.

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Article highlights

  • The most difficult part for addicts is making themselves available to rehab program.
  • It is paramount you answer certain questions before opting for any rehab program.
  • A good rehab program should be patient specific.
  • Treating all patients alike is the likely cause of rehab failure.
  • A rehab center should be conducive and comfortable.
  • Trained medical personnel should be part of every rehab setup.
  • Post treatment plans should be part of your consideration before enrolment.
  • Record keeping is a vital part of any organization.
  • With good records, future cases can be treated with past referrals.
  • Detox program is a part of every rehab but should be closely monitored.

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