Visible Signs of Drug Addiction and Possible Remedies in US

Visible Signs of Drug Addiction and Possible Remedies in US
Visible Signs of Drug Addiction and Possible Remedies in US
June 24, 2016

Drug addicts are not born addicts, certain elements in the environment must have pushed them into this risky behavior. Drug addiction is becoming a major problem in the United States and it is sad that most families are oblivious of their loved ones falling into drug addiction till they have gone so far beyond control.

The consequences of drug abuse are enormous as it puts a strain on both the addicts’ relationship with their family and society at large. Furthermore, the addict is exposed to several health risks (especially those associated with sexual transmitted diseases) and in extension becomes a source of propagation of those diseases.

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The difference between drug use and abuse is small

There is a slim line between drug use and abuse. Although in the strict sense, drug abuse often refers to the use of hard drugs (example heroines, cocaine and so on) but on a lighter note, even prescription drugs can be abused.

When you find yourself indulging in self-prescription or you rely on certain substances to enhance your performance or you feel you must take certain drugs to focus well, then you are becoming a victim of drug abuse. The types of drugs abused in the US are broadening and so is the age range of people that indulge in drug abuse. Teens for example are tolling the line more than adults.

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Visible signs that your loved one is becoming a drug addict

Drug addicts have common traits they portray which sells them out to someone who is very observant. However, these signs are easily ignored or passed on by family members as normal, only raising alarm when the person has progressed to a level where it becomes so obvious. Some of the signs include;

1. Uneasiness when in the company of people

One of the early signs of drug addiction is that the person takes to hiding. When the person is unavoidably in the midst of people, they tend to avoid eye contacts. Their response to questions is often scanty and uncoordinated and they have the look of suspicion in their eyes. A very observant family member should be able to spot these subtle changes from the onset.

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2. Withdrawal from the family and keeping late nights

The other sign that is very rampant among drug addicts is withdrawal from family relationships and they often spend long hours off home. At this point, they would find better solace hanging out with friends with whom they share similar interests.

3. Giving excuses

Generally, anyone doing anything always find a reason to back up their actions. This also applies to drug addicts. They find reasons to justify their suspicious behaviors and even when they are caught using the drugs, they will try to justify this.

How to help a family member who is a drug addict

The best way to help a family member who is a drug addict is to show them love and care. Discriminating against them will not solve the problem, rather it will make them worse because they will become more withdrawn from the family and society and when someone takes to isolation, you cease to predict their actions.

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Article highlights

  • No one is born a drug addict.
  • Drug addicts can be spotted from the onset with close observation.
  • Drug addicts tend to be withdrawn from the society.
  • Many of them will try to justify their actions.
  • Many teens in the US are taking resort to drug addiction.
  • Besides relationship strain, addicts are exposed to health risk.
  • There is a conspicuous difference between drug addiction and abuses of drug.
  • The best way to help an addicted family member is to show him love.
  • Discriminating against a drug addict will make them worse.
  • The commonly abused drugs are cocaine, heroin and Xanax.

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