Why a Rehabilitation Program may Fail

Why a Rehabilitation Program may Fail
Why a Rehabilitation Program may Fail
June 1, 2016

It is undeniable that a rehabilitation program may fail, and woefully at some extreme cases. The truth is that rehabilitation program works differently for different people, though authorities are often afraid to make this data public because it may discourage other alcoholics and drug addicts from seeking help in a rehab center.

However, the percentage of failures is very minimal and often negligible – if you prefer to put it that way – but it has not stopped liars and probably those who feels threatened that they would be put out of business if every alcohol addict should voluntarily arise and seek for help. Hence, they balloon this figure and try to convince people that rehab programs can do little to get those alcoholics sober – which by the way is all they try to do.

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Many factors are responsible for spreading addiction

The answer may seem glaring with all fingers pointing at the addict but let’s face this squarely, should they gulp all the blame? What about the weak laws that cannot keep the movement of those addictive substances out of public?

What about the potbellied man selling these substances to the teens? What about those corrupt immigration officers that let these substances pass right under their nose? You see, the blame game will never end if we decide to put aside sentiments and face it squarely.

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The causes why a rehab program may fail

Just like students go to school and at the end of the session, write the same exam and some will pass while others will fail, so it is for every rehab program. It is very difficult – if not impossible – to record a hundred percent success with all the patients in a rehab center. The reason is not farfetched as can be seen below.

1. Refusing to acknowledge the peculiarity of every patient

This is probably the main cause of most failed rehab session. The problem is that rehab patients are writing the same exam like the students in a school. Different addictions would require different kind of attention but in many rehab center, no one seems to care as the so called professionals would only end up repeating the procedure they tried on Mr. A with Mr. B and that is where the problem begins.

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2. Wrong information about the relapse phase

Usually, recovery period is preceded by intermittent relapses. However, because addicts have been fed with lies that not everyone can make it through relapse, when the stage is set, they withdraw with a sense of guilt at their failure. It is now the duty of the health officers to pass out the right information to the public.

3. Grossly inadequate rehabilitation centers

The even more critical and pathetic case is the gross inadequacy of the rehabilitation centers, in other words, lack of proper infrastructure and well trained personnel to man the situation. This will result in under counseling of the patients and gross failure of the program.

Awareness is the main remedy

Becoming aware of a problem is as good as the problem already being half solved. This is a clarion call for all drug regulatory officers and medical personnel to rise from their slumber and see to it that their jobs are properly done. It really matters because your kid may be a victim tomorrow.

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Article highlights

  • There are various substances people can become addicted to.
  • Addict and the entire society share the blame of every addict.
  • If immigration officers do their jobs properly, some of these illicit substances will not enter the country.
  • Addiction is shifting towards teenagers.
  • Some people who feel their businesses are threatened spread lies against the rehab program.
  • Rehab programs are not always a hundred percent success.
  • Every addict in a rehab center is often treated the same.
  • Wrong information about relapse can lead to failure of the program.
  • Grossly inadequate rehab centers should be checked.
  • Relapse often comes before recovery.

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