Women are Resorting to Treatment for Alcoholism Sooner Than Men

Women are Resorting to Treatment for Alcoholism Sooner Than Men
Women are Resorting to Treatment for Alcoholism Sooner Than Men
October 27, 2016

Across the globe, people are plagued by alcoholism. Once considered a disease solely among men, women are now being succumbed to this. Unlike men, women seek for medical intervention much sooner than men. Research shows that women on an average seek help around 4-5 years earlier than men. This article briefs on the reasons why women get treated much earlier than their male counterparts and how alcoholism affects the bodies of men and women differently.

Cultural changes are responsible for letting women drink

Cultural changes have laid the path for many women in indulging in alcohol. The contemporary society has accepted women to drink in the age of gender equality. With many working women entering the workforce league, drinking has become a way of life for women. The increase in the purchasing power of women and to ward off stress at work, more women resort to alcohol.

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A large population of women are alcoholics

Research estimates that around 4 million women in U.S. are alcoholics. The rate at which women drink is detrimental to their own health. African women have lesser alcohol induced social problems but they face a lot of alcohol related health problems. Hispanic women are considered to be infrequent drinkers.

Stress and personal loss are the main reasons why women turn into alcoholics

Studies have shown that women who have lost a close friend or family member increased a women’s risk of being an alcoholic. Depression which is found more in women is also linked with over consumption of alcohol. Women have a tendency to indulge in alcohol to ward off stress.

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Women alcoholics are prone to diseases than their male counterparts

Alcohol abuse can have serious consequences to a woman’s health than to a man’s health. Women who drink are more prone to contract alcoholic hepatitis than men. Drinking can affect a women’s fertility and can also cause menstrual problems. Women, unlike men can have alcohol induced memory loss and processing difficulties. The risk of breast cancer is high among women alcoholics. Cancer of neck and digestive tract are found more in women alcoholics then men alcoholics.

Women are more open to treatment than men

Women resort to seeking help for abstaining from alcohol sooner than men as they do not associate social responsibility to drinking. Women feel they need to be alcohol free so as to perform the role of a mother well. Since the consequences of alcoholism affect a woman’s body sooner than men, this could be another reason why women seek treatment early.

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Women’s body process alcohol differently than a man’s body

Men being larger in build have more volume of blood and the concentration of an enzyme that breaks down alcohol is more. On the contrary women are of smaller size and have lesser amount of the enzyme that processes alcohol at a slower rate.

The reasons why a women’s body process alcohol differently

A woman’s body has lesser amount of water than a man’s body and hence her body does not dilute alcohol well. The changes in hormones just before the onset of a menstrual cycle makes her intoxicated sooner. Women have more body fat than men. Fat does not take in alcohol and hence alcohol remains in a woman’s blood.

Women face health problems due to over drinking

Women alcoholics are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Heavy drinking can cause liver cirrhosis. Heart related problems can develop among women alcoholics. Damages can also happen in the brain and pancreas.

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Article highlights

  • Alcohol affects women’s body differently in comparison to a man’s body.
  • Women are seeking medical help sooner than men.
  • Cultural changes have seen a rise in women alcoholics.
  • Job stress is a reason why women resort to alcohol.
  • Loss of a beloved is also another reason.
  • Out of alcoholics, a large section is women.
  • Certain alcohol related diseases affect women more than men.
  • Women seek treatment as they are not bound by social obligations.
  • A woman’s body absorbs alcohol at a slower pace.
  • Changes in levels of hormone can make a woman get intoxicated sooner.
  • Women face health problems due to excessive drinking.

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