10 Tricks to a Successful eCommerce Holiday

10 Tricks to a Successful eCommerce Holiday
March 10, 2016

People are becoming more receptive to shopping online because of its convenience and increased trust. MasterCard Advisors hinted that eCommerce saw a leap of twenty percent in 2015 when compared to the revenue it witnessed the previous year. As an online merchant, there are ways you can translate this change in social behaviour into successful holiday sales.

1. Be among the early birds

It pays to start your holiday campaigns early. Most of those that record good sales during the holiday start their campaign a month or two earlier. Renowned eCommerce specialists like Richard Armour, GameStop senior director, said a good campaign should begin by mid-summer.

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2. Stock up your store

If you did your homework well and got the desired traffic, there is a need to stock up your shop based on your expected patronage (or a little more). Imagine you run out of stock in the middle of the holiday and you had to place orders to make up, that means you will have to pay extra for accelerated delivery.

3. Prepare your IT department to handle the increased traffic

Increased traffic can cause your website to drag and become unbearably slow which will become a turnoff to prospective customers. Always test the spike volume and backup systems to be certain.

4. Make your website mobile friendly

Smartphones are becoming more favored for online transactions than laptops because of lower prices and portability. A report by IBM Watson Trend shows that mobile sales in 2015 grew by nearly thirty percent in comparison to the previous year; a clear indication that shoppers preference are changing.

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5. Ensure your website is highly secured

With the increase in the number of hackers and the sophistication of their technique, there is the need to ensure your website has extra security in administration and back end says cloud-based security and acceleration services, Incapsula cofounder, Marc Gaffan. ManageEngine market analyst Zaheer Ahmed adds that you should monitor your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate validity and expiration date for best customer experience.

6. Effective Use of Social Media

Social media sees huge traffic of people on daily basis. Facebook for example allows for customizable pages which you can use to promote your goods and services. You can also become member to group with huge fan base and promote your product there.

7. Offer the Best Deals

Customers are always on the lookout for retailers that offer the best price or discounts. That 1 percent difference in price may be what separates a successful retailer from the others. When you have special deals, Colin Tracy, Chelsea boutique’s CTO, recommended it would be better to move them to one page rather than allowing customers search for them because majority won’t.

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8. Make your Pages Load Faster

A report by Harris Poll shows 44% of shoppers cancel transaction midway due to website delays while 89% US adult shoppers will stop buying outright from the online shop for same reason. RateTea founder and editor, Alex Zorach says it is ideal for each page to load in 2 seconds or less.

9. Include share button on your Product Page

This unique feature will allow shoppers to share their favorite product on their social media page with friends. Nothing advertises a product better than a good recommendation from someone who has used the product. CEO of Curalate, Apu Gupta, a Facebook and Pinterest marketing analyst says “Pin It button if utilized is eCommerce gold.”

10. Efficient and Timely Customer Service

Nothing makes buyers happier than having an effective channel to resolve all their reservations. Customers particularly the new ones will always have a few questions.

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Article Highlights

  • Brief analysis of the change in eCommerce trend
  • How to prepare for holiday sales
  • Factors to consider when preparing for holiday sales
  • Why you need to make your website mobile friendly
  • How slow loading pages can cost you customers
  • Spike up sales with mouthwatering offers
  • Site security will increase trust of customers
  • Use share buttons to allow your customers advertise your product
  • Utilize social media to expand your market
  • Have a mobile optimized website

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