5 Ways Social Media Is Becoming a Money Spinner

5 Ways Social Media Is Becoming a Money Spinner
March 10, 2016

Social media started to become popular in the last decade of the twentieth century. This boom in acceptance owes a lot to smartphones. Once cheap smartphones began to flood the market, people’s attitude towards social media began to change. The acceptance has grown to the point where some job recruiters now use social media profile to judge how technologically savvy the applicant is. Presently, social media has become more than a virtual environment for get together as social media marketers have hijacked it for business.

Why Marketers Became Interested In Social Media

Social media quickly became a meeting point for billions of people. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook announced on August 27 2015 that Facebook reached a new height of having one billion people use Facebook in a day. ‘On Monday, 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family,’ he said. This kind of figures entices marketers knowing that the number of television viewers is declining.

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Customer care which is a very vital part of any business has become easier with social media. Tracking and following up of customer has become easier with social media since the discussion can be categorized.

Evolution of Social Media

Initially, most social media allowed marketers to place only ads. People who got interested by the description or pictures would click on the link and get redirected to the marketer’s page. Now,items can be bought directly from some social media, eliminating multi redirects. Twitter introduced a ‘Buy’ button, Pinterest now has ‘Buyable Pins’ and the shopping section of Facebook is still under testing. Also, social media moved from being a desktop thing to having convenient mobile apps.

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How Marketers Can Increase Their Social Relevance

Although social media has a pool of individuals, getting attention is still very difficult. That accounts for some people having so many numbers of comments on their post while others have none. Building a reputation on social media can be an awkward slow climb but there are ways to make it easier;

  1. Use of Hashtags: this is an interesting feature that has come to stay on social media. Frequently used hashtags begins to trend and you can steal this feature to get your product on the spotlight.
  2. Keep your posts short: research has shown that social media users rarely read long posts. By making your post short and flowery, you will attract more readers that way.
  3. Make your post Search Engine Optimized (SEO): a little research will help you know the words people search frequently. Creatively stuff your post with it and watch how your views skyrocket.
  4. Social sharing button: by placing something like Facebook-like button or other social media sharing buttons, on your blog or product page so that those who have tried the product and loved them could share them with their friends.

How Social Media Technology Will Shape the Future of eCommerce

Mobile is becoming the choice for social networking by growing number of youth populations in particular. Efficient mobile payment system which is safe and secure will further boost the ease of purchasing from social media. Though the technology is currently in use, a lot of sensitization needs to be done to get people to approve of it.

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Article Highlights

  • Brief statement about eCommerce
  • The reason for the boom in social eCommerce
  • Popularity of social media
  • How social media changed eCommerce
  • Building a reputation on social media to help market your goods
  • How to improve social eCommerce
  • Associated factors that helped the growth of eCommerce
  • The gains of efficient mobile payment system on eCommerce
  • Following up customers on social media
  • Future of social eCommerce

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