A Guide to Choosing the Right Product for Your Online Business

A Guide to Choosing the Right Product for Your Online Business
A Guide to Choosing the Right Product for Your Online Business
October 18, 2016

Launching an online store can be exciting but the one main concern that can boggle your mind would be- “what products should I sell online?” Which product can help you in boosting sales and profit? This article will guide you in finding the right product that will be suitable for your business. Let us read on.

Different kinds of opportunities are available to unravel your choice of product

Deciding on what products to sell can be an exhausting task especially if you are a newbie. Before drilling your brain with the numerous product choices let us have a look at two major factors that can help you settle down on a product. First is about finding high volume products that have lesser competition. This can be done with the use of search engine optimization. The second one is creating a brand that identifies your product and setting it apart from competitors. Look for products that can solve customer’s problems.

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Cash in on the latest trending products

If you are planning to launch your business, the first step should be to pay close attention to the latest market trends. Tools like YouTube Analyst, Google Consumer Surveys, Google Trends can give you an insight into what is trending and what is not. Social forums, online consumer marketplaces and online consumer trend publications can help you with the same. Jot down the trending products and this will give you an idea on what you might want to start selling.

Scrutinize the selected product based on market research

After selecting a product (or even products) it is now time to take things a notch up. It is time to do some research on how well it has been trending and the scope for your business to evolve. Once a product has been chosen, it is time to design your product details that aims at quenching the needs of the market and then it is followed by pricing, production quality, marketing and product branding.

Analyze the demands of the market to get an idea

Once the product has been selected, it is time to see the demands of the market for your product. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool may help you count the number of searches that were made for the product. This gives a great insight into understanding the market demand.

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Create a competitive analysis for your product

A detailed analysis of your product’s competition can tell a lot about your potential competitor’s weakness and strengths in the marketplace. This can help you implement effective strategies in creating a product that can overcome the drawbacks of your competitor’s product.

Study your product’s target audience and product space

When you have decided which product you are going to sell, you need to study about your potential customers. You will need to find out what customers think about your idea and find out if they are willing to buy your product. You can test your product idea on social platforms and with your email contact list. Creating a crowdfunding campaign can help you collect money in advance and help validate your product.

Find an easy way to supply your product

The possibilities of getting the products you want to sell are endless. The most commonly used methods to get your products and inventory are: either you make the product yourself, manufacture your products, wholesale it or even dropship. These methods have its own pros and cons and should be sufficiently weighed before choosing an option.

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Find the right supplier for your product

There are several choices for finding the perfect supplier for your goods. Common choices are – a manufacturer who can produce your own product, a supplier (can be a manufacturer or distributor who purchases existing brands and products for resale or a wholesale), or even a drop-shipper. The next step is to determine if the products need to be procured locally or from oversees. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages and can be chosen accordingly.

Do not let certain negative thoughts ruin your ambition

While trying to find the right product, evaluating market demand and niche and finding suppliers, it is quite possible that you may feel low or exhausted. This can be a normal experience for a new entrepreneur. All you need to do is some good quality research and you are all set to go.

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Article highlights

  • Understand the different product opportunities available before finding the right product.
  • How and where to search for product ideas?
  • Find out which products are trending in the market.
  • Undertake survey on the chosen product and find out what customers feel about it.
  • Analyze the potential market demand for your product.
  • Evaluate the possible competition for your product.
  • Test your product in the social platform and find out the potential.
  • Create, wholesale or drop-ship your product.
  • Locate suppliers and determine what kind of a supplier works best for you.
  • Make your dream come true by not letting negative feelings bother you.

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