Effective Growth Hacking Tips and Tricks for Your Online Business

Effective Growth Hacking Tips and Tricks for Your Online Business
Effective Growth Hacking Tips and Tricks for Your Online Business
October 24, 2016

The term “growth hacking” has become revolutionary in the eCommerce world. A growth hacker is often mistaken for a marketer. Unlike a marketer, a growth hacker will formulate policies and strategies to propel the online business to success, in a nick of time. This article gives a sneak peek into the ideas and tools that can be used in your business approach.

Realize the main goal of your business

The main goal of your business or any business for that matter should to put your business in the limelight. In other words, to strive for seeking the attention of the customers. This can be achieved by designing call to action (CTA) features on your website that can attract the attention of the customers and video marketing strategies to improve the customer engagement.

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Make use of tools to measure the performance

A growth hacker can take the help of various analytics software like IBM analytics, Google Analytics that will focus on different aspects like how often the webpage gets bounced, how often it is being referred and so on. These data driven tools will assist in being more productive and efficient.

A faster loading webpage can do the trick

Customers visiting a webpage should not be faced with a webpage that takes its own sweet time to get loaded. This is a letdown and customers are sure to ditch that webpage. Studies have noted that even a second’s delay in loading a webpage can reduce customer traffic by 10%. Now this is huge! A webpage that takes less time to load are ranked high in the search engine. Hence the focus should be to designing a webpage that gets started real-quick.

Keep the webpage simple

A webpage that is loaded with numerous links and many CTAs are just not a treat to the eyes. The idea is to keep the webpage as simple as this is your only chance to convert a visitor to a potential customer. A great idea is to just mention about the hot deals in store in the main page.

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Effective product testing can help in smooth launching

Drawbacks and negatives in the product can hamper the growth of your online business. The testing of your product should be done well in advance and done effectively to rectify the errors in the product. The best way to test a product is to analyze the feedback of your product. You can make your family and your close circle of friends to get the feel of the product in its testing phase. They will give you genuine feedback as to where your product stands and help you in correcting the product.

Increase conversion rates to increase sales

Any business can survive only if it finds customers for its product. The skills and strategies that need to be mastered to retain and gain new customers should be done at every stage of growth. Marketing strategies should constantly create an awareness of your product among customers and should motivate customers to buy.

Social platform is a must for your product

Your business should be on different social media sites so that it creates an awareness for your product among customers. The logos of these social sites should be on the main page. This way customers will instill trust in your business. Even customer reviews and testimonials should be shared with customers to increase the credibility of your business.

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Engage in live interaction with the customers

Initiating chats with those visiting your website can help to address their concerns. An effective and round the clock helpful customer support can be a wonderful addition to your business. A customer who is held up on a customer support call for a long time is a serious issue that can affect the rapport with the customers. The objective is to create a pool of happy and satisfied customers.

Get insights into the behavior of potential customers

Research should be done to find potential customers. The correct tools can help with the same. The behavior of the customers and their likes, dislikes and needs can be gathered with the use of tools like Kissmetrics, HubSpot, Crazy Egg and so on.

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Article highlights

  • A growth hacker uses strategies to increase sales.
  • The objective of the business should be to seek the attention of customers.
  • Tools should be used to measure the effectiveness of the webpage.
  • Webpage should load very fast.
  • The webpage should be free from unnecessary links.
  • Product should be tested well before its launch.
  • Increase customer traffic to your website.
  • Publicize your business in social sites.
  • Interact with customers to address their issues.
  • Get an idea of what consumers like and dislike with the help of tools.

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