Empowering the company and the customer – Live chats

Empowering the company and the customer – Live chats
March 7, 2016

Customer Care has come of age after having undergone rapid development due to the realization that, just having a good product or a good network or an efficient distribution channel is not enough in this competitive world.

A good business outfit has to use all the tools at its command to ensure that the level of satisfaction of the customers remains in the top bracket. There was a time when you would go with your parents to buy provisions or clothes but not anymore.

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Who has the time or the inclination to waste a whole day; people still do that, but the pattern of buying has undergone a sea change.

The most potent tool that is almost becoming a necessity nowadays is the chat option provided by almost all ecommerce sites; in fact, even those who do not work online have provided this facility for addressing the queries, complaints and suggestions of present and prospective customers.

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Everybody has an opinion about a CCE, the profile may not be of a high level but you would do well to understand that:

  1. You are the face of the company; patience, understanding and amicability is essential,
  2. Your job is to help both your company and the customer to the best of your ability,
  3. Word of mouth publicity is the most potent tool in the market; it is the customer who has to do it but, your knowledge and its proper use is a means of enabling it. So, polish your act and emerge a clear winner.
  4. There are multiple alternatives for a customer while you have only one e. converting. Never hide any special offers, coupons, discount offers, delivery costs; a whole cart will be abandoned if the customer realizes that you failed to disclose some advantage, however small, to the customer. And, your company is paying for it in accordance with their pricing policies.
  5. Some customers are always confused and seek clarifications; they need to be sure before converting their doubts to a sale.
  6. Payment issues need to be solved post haste because customers can be very touchy and vocal sometimes.

When it comes to a live chat; you have to remain on your toes.

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  1. First understand the thrust of what the customer wants; all your ingenuity is required to address this aspect. Remember that you are doing a highly specialized job and your company depends on you.
  2. Never miss out the chance to pass out discounts, promotional and free offers; your company will not gain. The customer will be incensed that you had the chance but deprived them unknowingly due to your ignorance or your failure. For sure, you have lost that customer!
  3. Also, do not forget that you are also being assessed for performance.

Product knowledge is essential: When I say this, it has two aspects:

  • You must know about the actual product that is being discussed; details are available on your website and softwares; and the other reference is to the general options that are currently available to the customer

Live chat is the final tool for addressing the complaints, queries and suggestions of the customer or customer-to-be. Most customers do not want the hassle of email procedures; for them a live chat is a real person chatting in real time. All doubts and misgivings are cleared on the spot.

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Live chat brings a customer face to face to ask all they want; you must always remember that nothing satisfies a customer more than a purposeful interaction.

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