Gearing up your eCommerce store for the holiday rush

Gearing up your eCommerce store for the holiday rush
March 14, 2016

Whenever there is a festival around the corner, there is a wild rush in the marketplaces since everyone wants to gear up for the occasion and appear in his or her best attire because that is a chance to enjoy with your family and friends; that is also a time to spend your hard earned money and splurge on yourself since you can unwind during the holiday season to rejuvenate your systems.

All web stores need to pull up their socks and gear up to equivocally manage the tidal wave of inquiries, transactions and sales that is bound to leave you flustered if you are not careful.

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Make sure that your website is functioning like clockwork and is able to handle the multitude of transactions with seconds; any glitches, however small or temporary looking they might appear, should be tackled as soon as possible so that they are removed before the holiday shoppers overwhelm you by their sheer volumes.

Examine website and make sure everything is functional

Check each aspect of your website’s functioning to narrow down the list of areas of concern to check which areas are having a potential for creating bottlenecks or shutdowns in the short term.

Get serious about selling on mobile devices

It is seen that more than 25%of all sales from online stores are conducted through mobile phone devices hence this aspect is to be kept in the forefront of all your strategies since the percentage of mobile sales is increasing with each passing day. Hence, it becomes inescapable to get your website attuned to enable mobile phone transactions.

Make sure your website loads fast

This aspect has been seen to be very advantageous in one aspect. When the number of items per page is limited, the time occupied for downloading is less and the number of conversions will be higher as compared to heavier pages with more items on a page and consequently longer download times. It is seen that more items have the effect of confusing the customer leading to lesser conversions.

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Place JavaScript and CSS in different folders

Experience states that if you have components where these two are used, it is necessary to have them conveniently placed in separate folders so that the size of the pages is reduced with more efficient results.

Examine departmentally

Check every department and interact with their staff to identify areas that are likely to cause trouble when the rush hits.

Assign enough staff in every department

It is a basic requirement of any business that an optimum number of staff are required to manage each aspect of the operations; that is why the HR Manager is always the closest to the owners or top management since the whole infrastructure planning is dependent on the balancing act done by the HR Manager. Overstaffing results in loss of revenue while shortage of staff causes loss to the enterprise both in terms of performance and reputation.

Make sure your store does not go out of stock

Examine the stocks and check the inventory to ensure that all items, particularly the popular hot-selling items, do not suddenly vanish off the shelves overnight. If you regularly take stock and maintain the statistics of weekly, monthly and annual sales, you can compare the actual sales with the corresponding periods of previous years. You may also examine the sales for previous holiday periods so that you know the minimum stocks you need to stock while adding an incremental percentage to arrive at a broad estimate.

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Examine replenishment

Every item has a different lead time for replenishment; this aspect is necessary to regulate the lock-in period of capital while ensuring the availability of popular stock at all times.

Holiday shoppers are the bonus which every enterprise should prepare for and make hay.

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  1. You can expect a wild rush before festival time.
  2. Manage the tidal wave of inquiries, transactions and sales efficiently.
  3. Your eCommerce store should be functioning like clockwork.
  4. It should be able to handle the multitude of transactions with seconds.
  5. Remove bottlenecks or shutdowns in the short term.
  6. Get optimal amount of sales from mobile users.
  7. Fast loading websites generate more sales.
  8. Stock enough items in every department.
  9. Avoid over-staffing and under-staffing.
  10. Do not let your store go out of stock.
  11. Manage replenishment efficiently.

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