Great Impacts of User Experience on eCommerce

Great Impacts of User Experience on eCommerce
Great Impacts of User Experience on eCommerce
July 4, 2016

Starting from the bottom, the eCommerce industry has come far enough to grow into an established and prestigious industry. As of now, the utilization of eCommerce and mobile shopping has been trending and developing a billion dollar industry, estimated to experience about 500% growth! Based on a research performed by Forbes, the eCommerce market by 2020 will be worth $6.7 trillion.

Innovative technology encourages eCommerce to grow

The major success experienced by the eCommerce industry can be attributed to technology advancement that makes it all simple. The option of getting our products and goods delivered right at our doorstep simply by clicking a few buttons on our mobile from the comfort of our home is just too good. Shopping right from the comfort of your home will always be preferred to the stressful routine of long queues at local stores and large shopping centers.

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Proper User Interface appeals to most customers

A well-optimized user interface design will definitely attract more customers and convert most customers to purchase a product from an eCommerce store. A well designed application website helps engage the customer, provides them with an easy avenue to shop and also helps your company create a good network, brand affinity and enhances cross-selling.

Proper product description and good view works

Proper product description with better view makes shopping a wonderful experience for your customers. It is imperative to provide optimum visibility to a product with the zoom out and in functionality working perfectly. Most times, there is not enough product description and most customers buy irrelevant and unwanted products at the end.

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Better and faster coupon integration

Most customers are attracted to shopping websites due to the great deals and discounts they provide on coupons. These coupons are distributed through various ways like through advertising websites, app downloads etc. Take for instance, a customer acquires a plug-in, tries to apply it, but is having difficulties or is unable to find how. Therefore, providing coupons is not enough but providing a valid and easy way to apply these coupons is just as important.

Reason behind abandoned shopping carts

Majority of eCommerce websites are usually apprehended with the issue of abandoned shopping carts. What could be the reason behind this? The most logical reason for a customer to abandon his/her shopping carts is due to confusion with the navigation or an un-optimized user interface. A good store has to take care of this issue.

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Reviews are more important

Reviews are very effective in making your online shop succeed in ways from improving customer trust to informing them. Make sure that you provide an easy-to-use review option or feature for all your products so that a customer can place a review upon purchasing any product.

Perfect interaction and personalization raise sales chance by a lot

A very important methodological approach that all online marketers should carry out is personalization. Take for instance, a customer logs on to your website looking for a sneaker. He or she clicks and searches through the site, goes through the detail and leaves. If there is a personalized option and he/she ever comes back, there is an 80% chance that he or she will purchase a product.

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Article highlights

  • Product reviews help in informing and recommending new customers to a product.
  • Optimized user interface is of great importance to eCommerce stores.
  • The eCommerce industry is estimated to experience a growth of about 50 folds.
  • Technological advancements contribute a lot to the success of the eCommerce industry.
  • Personalization raises conversion rates to about 60%.
  • Coupons are more or less useless if they cannot be easily integrated.
  • Most people will prefer to shop from the comfort of their home.
  • According to Forbes, the eCommerce industry would be worth $6 Trillion by 2020.
  • Proper user interface increases the chances of up sells.
  • Product descriptions is very useful for customers to understand what they are buying.

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