How to Build the Next Generation eCommerce Website

How to Build the Next Generation eCommerce Website
How to Build the Next Generation eCommerce Website
July 11, 2016

Back in the 1990’s, when sites were turning out to be progressively prevalent, a large portion of the sites were static html. Static html inferred that every page was arranged out and hand coded to coordinate the arrangement. A significant number of these websites were made by specific website development firms who comprehended the complexities of this innovation. Although none of these website development firms could set-up an eCommerce firm with a static html design, they ran their online business in obsolete design of fragmented pages.

The birth of AJAX brings a new dimension to eCommerce

In the 20th century, AJAX was introduced to the internet and browsers now had the ability to receive and update information/content synchronously. This enabled average user experience to improve by a lot resulting in the creation of strong and complex web applications like Gmail. In this new browser trend, the whole page did not have to refresh for data to be processed anymore. This same framework is what most big eCommerce platforms utilize today. But there were not still adequate functions to manage an eCommerce site.

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Internet business continued to get better with time

Ten years after the release of AJAX, browsers keep growing and improving with so many updated functions. Apart from the browsers, the Internet as a whole has been getting smarter with time introducing mobile applications, local storage, offline applications and many more. Generally, it is now very easy to find websites or single page applications that stay completely in the browser and receive data from a remote service thereby ensuring a perfect user experience. It is high time eCommerce websites began to thrive.

The ideal structure of an eCommerce site includes many features

An eCommerce site is expected to take care of numerous issues, including Home Page, CRM, Manage inventory and catalog, Marketing, Sell products, Shipping, Reporting and many more. However, utilizing an exclusive system that attempts to take care of all these issues might not be an easy task.

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This is where Separation of Concerns in eCommerce website plays a part

Separation of concerns is a properly structured design protocol in computer programs. It involves building your program or software into numerous parts, thereby allowing all the pieces co-operate to accomplish a single task.

Implementing Separation of Concerns is easy

Considering the ability of web technology trend (such as frontend frameworks). one can easily implement the separation concerns in his or her eCommerce application structure. This could be easily done by decreasing the major eCommerce application into an API and then, build new innovations based on them.

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eCommerce should be thankful to Sylius API

With the help of the Sylius API, one can isolate the major eCommerce framework and then develop your custom programs based on it. Remember, there is no limit to what one can achieve with the right mindset and tools. The same applies for eCommerce websites.

Sylius API provides room for uniqueness and dynamics

With a Sylius API, one can build a python script, import products, software for a physical store, connect the store to other APIs, and even create a new dashboard for executives. All these can easily be accomplished without any tweak or edit to the major eCommerce code and with your preferred language or technology.

Service Oriented Architecture is the ultimate solution

All in all, the Service Oriented Architecture is the future of internet. Considering the functionality and power of the Sylius and new frontend systems like AngularJS, one can develop an eCommerce solution of the next generation.

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Article highlights

  • Internet user experience in the 90s was a nightmare compared to what it is today.
  • AJAX improved the functions of web pages and paved the way for major applications to be created.
  • Browsers and web pages have kept on expanding their capabilities and functional abilities.
  • Separation of concerns is a properly structured design protocol in computer program.
  • Separation of concern solves the problem of developing eCommerce website in a single system.
  • It is still advised that eCommerce website should not be built depending on just one system.
  • The Sylius API encourages the implementation of separation of concerns.
  • With the Sylius API, there is almost no limit to what you can achieve with your eCommerce website.
  • There would not be any need to go near the major codes when editing your website if you are using the Sylius API
  • Using frontend frameworks like AngularJS, one can develop the eCommerce solution of the next generation.

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