How to Take Advantage of the Emerging Consumer Trends

How to Take Advantage of the Emerging Consumer Trends
How to Take Advantage of the Emerging Consumer Trends
October 11, 2016

As your online business evolves, the upcoming trends should be absorbed and inculcated in your products to reach out to the customers. Any business can reap huge profits if you design your business based on an upwards customer trend. These so-called trends are defined by the buying habits of the consumers and what is being sought after. This article will go through how to understand consumer trends and how to take advantage of it. The article will also feature the latest products that are trending.

Understanding the consumer trends can help you create a successful business

Businesses should frequently undertake surveys on the changing market trends. Information should be gathered on what the consumers think about your brand and what they are talking about your brand and other brands in social sites. One should understand the gaps that come in play between what consumers need and what they have. Based on these gaps, innovations can be made to the products. A study conducted by Goldman Sachs found out that people were making health conscious decisions.

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Charcoal products are the latest products that are gaining momentum in the market

Beauty products that have charcoal as the main ingredient are one of the hot sellers. Charcoal has chemicals that detoxifies impurities and toxins. Beauty scrubs with charcoal in it are creating a huge space in the glamor industry. Some of the examples are LUSH, Sephora Charcoal and Caru Skincare.

Green tea has become the latest trend in beverages

Green tea has been making its way since the early 2000’s. This is a healthier choice because of less caffeine content. A rising popularity of this brand shows the sign of great prospect in business and you can come up with a product that has green tea or its extracts.

Matcha tea is the current trend and a premium product that consumers are buying

The market has witnessed the rise of matcha teas. This is a popular drink in China for many years. This tea has cancer fighting properties and can burn fat. The health benefits of matcha teas outweighs those of other teas. It has many antioxidants and lesser caffeine than green tea and hence makes it a popular choice among consumers. You can take advantage of this trend and make skin cleansers.

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Detox products are gaining popularity among customers

The health conscious generation would go to any limits to make healthier choices. This trend can be used to propel your business. You can come up with detoxing drinks or even come up with detox beauty products as a business plan.

Coffee scrub has been creating a wave in the market

Coffee has been making its presence felt in body scrubs now. Coffee scrubs have already created a niche for itself in the skin care industry. If your business sells beauty products, you can add coffee in it and get people talking about it.

Coconut oil has been proven to be the healthiest of all oils

According to latest study, coconut oil has many health benefits. Many businesses are launching coconut oil that can be used for cooking. These days even beauty products have coconut oil in it.

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Wearables have been making a fashion statement among consumers

Trends keep updating itself in the fashion industry. Products like Fitbit, Google Glass and the most talked about Apple watch have announced their launch going to happen soon. With such an announcement there is a lot of scope for innovations.

Several Apps and Tools will give an insight into consumer trends

Google has launched several apps and tools that can help you with market research and also for customer insights. For research, your business can rely on YouTube Analytics and Google Consumer Surveys. YouTube Analytics can help you understand how consumers reacted to advertisements and whether they skipped it or not. Google Consumer Survey will take you through the minds of your customers and can give you adequate insight about your products. Other tools that are being used are Google Correlate and Google Trends that help in analyzing upcoming trends.

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Article highlights

  • Gather sufficient information on leading market trends for company’s success.
  • Mould your business according to the latest trends.
  • Products with charcoals are the latest trend setter.
  • Green tea has become a healthier alternative to other beverages.
  • Matcha tea is gaining moment in the market.
  • Detox products are being used a lot by consumers now.
  • Coffee scrubs have also created a space in the glamor world.
  • Products with coconut oil in it are being widely used.
  • Fashion industry is seeing the emergence of wearable products now.
  • Make use of tools that can help you understand the latest trends.

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