Improving your eCommerce Store for Better User Experience

Improving your eCommerce Store for Better User Experience
Improving your eCommerce Store for Better User Experience
July 11, 2016

In the world of eCommerce, the most important factor to succeed is the betterment of user experience. Even though a small normal website and an online store have many similar features, the differences between them are just as many. A lot of people, when thinking about an online store, realize that it is really easy to create. But, it still does not imply that it will be an easy task to achieve success in it. In this article, we suggest a guideline by which you can improve your online store for better user experience.

Design the website with easy access to the customers

One might think it will be very easy to find something on an online store but for some online stores, it is very hard to find any benefit in fact. A customer looks for easy steps to find the desired product and you must keep it in mind while designing your website. One has to make sure a customer can come to their online store and in no time at all and find the right product that works for them.

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Display a “What’s New” section

Most potential customers will not see your new products if you do not make it apparently visible and glaring to them. It should require the smallest efforts on their parts to find new products and purchase from them. When one shows the newest products on their eCommerce website, it gives the customers the impression that you are constantly updating your online store with better products for them to buy. Most shoppers like fresh products and this might prompt them to purchase the products.

Try to Cross-sell products

Cross-selling refers to a process by which you provide some recommendations on what the shoppers might like. When cross-selling, it is better to show a complimentary product to the user rather than the same old products.

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Provide your customers with an option to compare products

Comparing picked items can in turn make the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and making a sale. Many websites try to reduce the number of options one can compare to 3 products. However, limiting the options to 4 or 5 items is more realistic.

Display products that customers might have viewed recently

Your product list should be updated regularly. Try to display a minimum of four products that shoppers might have viewed in the shopping process. You must confirm that your updated products are the most preferred ones in the authority sites.

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Promotions and deals matter much in eCommerce

Deals and promotions can go a long way in boosting your sales to levels you cannot imagine. Most people will love to realize that they are getting a product at a cheaper price rather than the normal price.

Provide an option for guests to checkout

If you want to make an important change to your online store, it might just be providing guests an avenue to checkout. It will be ideal to convert as much traffic as you can on your online store for both members and guests.

Provide obvious and detailed shipping and pricing information.

Making the total price for order obvious is a frequently ignored part of a shopper’s checkout experience. If people tend to purchase from you due to your low prices but find expensive VAT and tax on the last checkout page; they are most likely to leave!

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Article highlights

  • User experience is a very important aspect of an online store.
  • Making a product easier to find for your customers can increase your chances of getting sales.
  • Cross-selling is an effective way to maximize your profits.
  • Adding fresh and new products to your eCommerce site regularly will increase the lead.
  • Full price details of products should be listed on the products.
  • Promotion ad deals can go a long way in boosting your sales.
  • Providing shoppers with an option to compare 4-5 products is most ideal.
  • Implement a “recently viewed” option to help lost shoppers get back.
  • To increase conversion rates, it is advised to provide guests with an option to check out.
  • Running an eCommerce store might be easier than running a local store.

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