Secret to Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Secret to Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates
Secret to Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates
October 21, 2016

It is just not enough to have visitors to your website. But how do you convert this traffic into potential customers. By ‘conversion’, we mean on making a mere visitor to fill out forms, give out their email address or even make a purchase. This baffling question is no longer a mind boggling one as this article focuses on what to do to improve the conversion rates for your websites.

Effective CTAs that will not go unnoticed

CTAs or calls to action are features that will help to convert visitors. These features should be prominent on the webpage and should not be missed out by the visitor. Design it in a way that makes it unique. If a user has been idle for some time, you can gently remind them with things of their likes based on browsing history.

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The converting process should not take too long

Visitors will usually abandon websites that takes too long in loading up a form or even to get the purchase page. A website that takes up minimal time of its visitor to convert will guarantee an increase in conversion rates.

Webpage should show testimonials of other customers

No visitor will make a purchase or even give their email address if they are not confident about the website and do not have a sense of trust. If your business has affiliations with famous brands or with those who can influence the industry, then it is wise to show this on the main page. Customer reviews and testimonials can also help visitors to trust the website and thereby increase conversion rates.

Keep the fill out form simple

Lengthy fill out forms can make the visitor abandon the site that very minute. Fill out forms should ask only very few necessary question. Research shows that even one extra question brought down the conversion rate by 11%

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The landing page should grab the attention of the visitor

The headline of your landing page should be compelling enough to make heads turn. The design of the landing page should be a treat to the eye. A page with a strong CTA will encourage the visitor to perform an action. Apart from all these, the landing page should not take too much time to get loaded.

Make use of strong and compelling words

The calls to action features should make use of words that will motivate a visitor to perform an action. The words used should be short and compelling.

Enlist the strong points of your products

The positives and benefits of your product should be outlined. It is very important to brief customers on how your product can help them and how it can address the issues faced with other competitive products. This will motivate visitors to become customers of your product.

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Create a video to demonstrate your product

A video about your product and a demonstration can work wonders in gaining potential customers. Rather than a written out description, it is a video that can instantly connect your product with customers. This is an approach used by many websites to increase conversion rates.

Test the CTA features of your website

The call to action buttons should be tested to see how well they are performing and to measure the time it takes to load. Different variations of these buttons should be tried and tested and an analysis on its effect on conversion rates should be done to understand which button works better and which one should be used. CTA features should not come in way of the time taken to load the page. It should be simple and effective.

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Article highlights

  • Strategies can be deployed that can improve the conversion rates of a business.
  • Strong and compelling CTAs should be used.
  • The pages should be quick to respond to a customer’s action.
  • Reviews of customers should be added to gain confidence of customers.
  • The fill out form should not be time consuming.
  • The landing page should be very effective.
  • The CTA buttons should use words that will encourage action.
  • The details about the positive sides of your product should be highlighted.
  • A video that describes your product should be added.
  • The effectiveness of CTAs towards improving conversion rates should be measured.

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