Several Reasons Why People might Refrain from Buying your Products

Several Reasons Why People might Refrain from Buying your Products
Several Reasons Why People might Refrain from Buying your Products
October 10, 2016

eCommerce business model has turned out to be a revolutionary step in the business world. Its relatively less capital investment and the platform that bring in a wide array of customers make this business the most sought after model in today’s world. Customer building and maintaining a good connection should be the driving force. Here are some reasons why customers are not buying from you.

Follow the strategy of SEO to highlight your products

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy involving many techniques that are designed to increase the number of people visiting the website by hitting the top rank placement in the result pages of search engines. The website content that is rich in SEO will get your site on the top and significantly increase the customer traffic. An analysis of the website needs to done to identify the underlying SEO problems. Using right keywords and unique product descriptions can enhance customer traffic.

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Build connections with your customers

Any business would thrive only if it has satisfied the customers. So is the case of online business. An instant rapport and connection need to be built with the customers. Customers will only be motivated to buy products from a website if they feel the pricing is genuine and has a great customer support. A website that offers free shipping, easy refund policies creates an instant connection with the customers.

Incentive offers can work

After making purchases from your website, it is quite possible for the customers to forget about the website. The key is to keep the website in the limelight by briefing them about the upcoming offers and showing them product recommendations based on their browsing history. Sometimes it so happens that customers add products to the cart but would not proceed to check out. Business model should never forget their existing customers on the lookout for new ones.

Image quality of the products should be rich

The biggest downside of eCommerce business is the inability to provide its customers the sense of touch and feel of the products. The website should take this challenge to its stride and see to it that the products displayed in their website are of high resolution. A poor quality image will not motivate customers to buy.

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Make the product details as much specific as possible

The necessary product details should be given as the absence of it can disappoint the customers. People would want to know what they will be getting for the price they pay. Product specifications like the material, color and so on can significantly enhance the customer experience and their willingness to purchase products.

Complicated website navigation affects the eCommerce business

The experience of online shopping should be a breeze and hassle free. No customer likes to browse websites that are painstakingly hard to navigate. The main navigation bar should list the product categories. Website that frequently crashes upon launching is a big turn-off. Any website bugs and under-powered servers should be checked before launching the website.

Keep connection with social media

In today’s era of social media, an eCommerce website should take into consideration about having social media accounts. An eCommerce business should have its presence felt in the social media. This would highlight the company’s credibility and customers feel they can trust the sites because of its reputation.

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Complex checkout process dissuades customers

A checkout process that takes a long time is also a reason why people refrain from certain websites. Customers would abandon the site midway after going through a long check out process and will end up buying from another website. Lengthy order forms, requiring sign in options and not having a guest sign out option can be detrimental to the website. The check out process should have only very few steps.

Payment security should be ensured

The payment page should be very secure as customers are handing over very sensitive details. Issues like identity theft, misuse of personal information will discourage people to buy products from websites that do not take these adequate measures thereby leading to a decline in customer traffic.

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Article highlights

  • Websites should have SEO rich content.
  • Establish connection with customers.
  • Satisfy existing customers.
  • Websites with high quality images get more traffic.
  • Sufficient product description satisfies the customers.
  • Easy webpage navigation is important.
  • Connect as many social media as you can.
  • Update your products as per the customers’ choice.
  • Make your payment safe and secure.
  • Feel the pulse of the customers and design your eCommerce site accordingly.

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