Some Popular Myths about eCommerce Business

Some Popular Myths about eCommerce Business
Some Popular Myths about eCommerce Business
July 4, 2016

eCommerce Business is a very lucrative and popular business on the internet today. With the rising of great ecommerce website builders like Shopify, Woocommerce, Woobly and many more, anybody can set up an eCommerce website. However, despite its enormous popularity, there are a number of myths and speculations about this industry. Today, there are many wrong or realistic advices given to everyone that wants to begin a new ecommerce website. Fortunately, most of these myths and lies have been apprehended in this article.

We have compiled some of the misleading statements or myths regarding eCommerce business:

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An eCommerce website requires no diligence

Many people will tell you to relax and fold your arms; you do not need to be active to be successful with an ecommerce website. This is a big lie. In order to make your ecommerce business prosperous, there is a dire need to be hard-working. No lazy man will make it with eCommerce, maybe at retailing!

Orders will come just after setting up your eCommerce website

Since it is really easy to set up an eCommerce website, it needs to be saturated with so many potential competitions. Even when you got your eCommerce site established, securing orders is never easy in this competitive market. In order to make your ecommerce website more prosperous, you will need to be active in marketing your product, learning more about the industry and getting in touch with updates.

Free Shipping might be complicated

That the idea of free shipping may complicate your business is another misconception. In the event that your business has been properly optimized and structured, free shipping will be a ride in the park. It is advised not to offer free shipping if you are just a new start-up. You might lose a few customers at these, but by delivering optimum customer support and outstanding products; then you will make up for it.

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Anything can be sold on your shop

This is another misleading statement all new eCommerce business start-ups should be aware of. This is the fact that anything can be sold online, but not on your ecommerce website or shop. The major reason behind this limitation is many products require some special protocols like packaging, sorting, licensing, transporting, advertising, maintenance, storage costs and many more. These protocols make selling some items online complicated and limited.

Set a high and distinguishable margin for your products

Now this fact might be evident and valid in local shops with local competitors but never on online stores. Think about it. Prospective buyers visit your online store; pick their preferred products. If they feel your prices to be higher, they can simply Google those products. Now if they find a cheaper one, why won’t they go for it?

There are many online stores like yours out there, so you are not special

Alright, maybe there are many stores like yours but it does not mean that your store has to be just like theirs. What can distinguish your brand from others is the innovation and creativity you apply to it. You can always be special!

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eCommerce will outshine brick and mortar

Most people tend to agree to this but the fact is – it will not. A much better and clearer fact is that old retail is fading away and every retailer who fails to adapt might just watch their business fading away.

There is no need for a local store if you have an online store

This is another great lie people fall for. Most often, the logistics involved in beginning and completing an order online can be very much complicated when compared to completing it offline. It is advisable to open a local store despite your online store.

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Article highlights

  • Setting up an eCommerce business is relatively easy these days.
  • Hard work and determination are important in determining the success of your eCommerce business.
  • The eCommerce industry might be saturated with a lot of competitors.
  • Your approach towards managing your brand can make all the difference.
  • Old retail method is fading away along with retailers whom refuse to adapt to the new system.
  • Some products might require special protocols to managing them, not just anything can be sold online.
  • Free shipping is not advised for new eCommerce start-ups.
  • High margins might not be profitable on online stores.
  • Structuring your product and service management can save you some customers.
  • One should consider setting up a local store along with their online store.

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