The Right Method of Starting and Expanding a Profitable eCommerce Business

The Right Method of Starting and Expanding a Profitable eCommerce Business
The Right Method of Starting and Expanding a Profitable eCommerce Business
September 21, 2016

When trying to launch your online store, there are a number of important steps that you need to follow. The initial steps include evaluating the product idea and getting a product to be sold online. The steps that need to be followed further are getting a supplier, ordering samples and finally placing the order for initial inventory. The pre-launch phase of your business is the most critical time as it helps in setting the tone of the business. Launching and trying to expand an online store without proper planning can be a disaster.

Social networks should be chosen wisely

Social media serves as the lifeblood of online business bringing in the consistent flow of customers and traffic. It is basically an audience of potential customers who might be interested in your brand and your products. Try covering the base of your business with the largest and the most popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook. It is also important for you to join the other important social platforms apart from Twitter and Facebook. This is because there are some social networks that might work better for specific types of online businesses.

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Email marketing should be prepared

Once you are up and ready with your social accounts, it is time for you to work upon your email marketing endeavor. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing mediums offering high returns of investments on a consistent basis. It is necessary for you to choose the best email marketing option for your online store. Once you are done with the choice of email marketing software, you will have to spend some time in setting the templates, crafting the welcome mail, preparing email marketing campaigns and creating shopping cart abandonment emails.

Initiating the perfect landing page is important

The next step would be launching the landing page for your online business. Landing pages are important for online businesses. They serve as the temporary home for the brand until the full website is launched. A landing page showcases a brand and even teaches the pre-launch audiences about the product or the service that is to come. Landing page is probably the place for building email lists of potential customers.

Getting Google analytics is also important

It is important to set up analytics right from the beginning of starting an online store. Analytics help in getting a valuable insight into the potential customers and visitors. When online, you do not get the option of seeing and chatting with your customers. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to set up analytics.

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Keyword research makes way for visibility

Prior to launching and trying to expand your online store, it is necessary for you to carry out a thorough keyword research. Successful Search Engine Optimization is not possible without proper keyword research. Making the choice of the right keyword will help you in establishing your online business on the major search engine results. This means that your visibility will increase and you will get valuable customers.

Laying the foundation of the online store

After following these important steps, you are ready to start working on your actual online store now. You must spend good time in choosing the perfect store theme, store design, product descriptions and product photography. If possible, you can also try taking the help of experts in this field.

Defining KPIs for increasing sales

Prior to launching your online store, decide on some KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Some important sales KPIs include monthly sales, site traffic, conversion rate, average margin, average size of orders, visitors and potential customers.

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Having the right shipping strategy for online business success

The shipping plan that you follow is one of the most integral parts of your online store. Preparing carefully for the shipping plan is crucial when it comes to fetching huge profits from your eCommerce business. Factors that you need to consider including packaging materials and options, choice of shipping carrier and shipping costs and time.

Deciding on the launch strategy and promotion

Finally you will have to consider the store launch. If you follow the steps that have been mentioned above rigorously, it would not be difficult for you to have an exciting audience waiting for the launch of your online store.

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Article highlights

  • Proper planning is important for online business success.
  • Social media platforms need to be covered wisely.
  • Proper email marketing enhances your scope of online business success.
  • Your landing page will serve as a teaser of your brand.
  • Setting up analytics will expand your scopes of getting customers.
  • Keyword research will offer visibility.
  • Store design and store theme are important factors to consider.
  • KPIs help in getting the right sales.
  • The right shipping strategy brings in customers.
  • An excited audience is what you need for the perfect store launch.

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