Tips to Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for your Product Idea

Tips to Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for your Product Idea
Tips to Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for your Product Idea
September 28, 2016

After a lot of ideation and immense brainstorming, it is the time to turn your ideas into real. It is essential to find product manufacturers and suppliers before launching the eCommerce business. This article lists the basics that you should look for while finding the product manufacturers.

Know what you are looking for before choosing your supplier

There are plenty of useful resources online from where you can chalk up the imperative details. However, you should note certain factors before choosing the supplier. Know the kind of supplier you want for your product idea. This will assist in narrowing down your search. Know if you are looking for a manufacturer, distributor or a wholesaler.

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Go for domestic manufacturing

Choosing a domestic manufacturer aids in easy and faster communication without involving any cultural issues. Local products possess a better value of the brands. Domestic manufacturing does not involve any customs issues. Shipping can be accomplished in a faster way and comes at a reduced cut off from your pocket.

Choose overseas manufacturers

Selecting overseas manufacturers come with immense benefits. You can avail higher quality of products by choosing overseas manufacturers. You can choose a wide variety of products from different overseas manufacturers. Overseas manufactured products are counted to be more effective when you are a newbie in the market and are about to launch the eCommerce business.

Browse through the directories

The Internet is the right place where you can begin searching. You can go through the local directories with an eye to finding the profiles of different manufacturers and suppliers. There are a variety of online directories from which you can avail information on domestic and overseas manufacturers. Some online domestic directories are ThomasNet, MFG, Markers Row and Kompass. A few online overseas directories are Alibaba, IndiaMart, and AliExpress.

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Use Google and other sources to find information

You should be browsing ten pages of Google Search results to procure details about the different suppliers and manufacturers. Along with from Google, there are other sources where you can avail the prerequisite info. Some websites that you choose to look at may not be updated with the latest piece of information. You may consider borrowing books, magazines, and articles from your local library.

Seek reference from friends and families

You can ask your family members and friends to confer some leads. You can also refer to social media networks with an eye to finding domestic and overseas manufacturers. It is essential to make some really great contacts as you plan to launch your eCommerce business. It may so happen that the contacts have some good reference that may assist in expanding the business.

Go for negotiation with your manufacturer

It is recommended to ensure that you have studied their terms and conditions well. You have to decide on a priority basis how much you can afford to pay for the products. You can ask your manufacturer to negotiate to accomplish the task within your exclusive budget. It is a prerequisite to have a thorough understanding of your business needs before you initiate negotiation.

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Request your supplier for the quote

After finding the right supplier or manufacturer for your eCommerce business, you should ask them for the right quote. Think, plan and then send out email to your supplier. Consider the minimum order quantity. Since there can be a variation in the minimum order quantity, you should make sure you can afford it. Next, comes the product pricing. Take a note of the time that will be required to manufacture the products.

Maintain a friendly relationship with your manufacturer

Ups and down form an integral part of any business. You should not let trifling matters to affect your relation with your supplier. It is inevitable that your relationship with manufacturer and supplier should be a healthy one. It is a must that you should be patient while dealing with the suppliers and manufacturers.

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Article highlights

  • It is important to find the right suppliers and manufacturers for your business.
  • Decide what you are looking for to brand your product idea.
  • Select a domestic supplier to remove communication barrier.
  • Go for an overseas manufacturer for effective products.
  • Use Google and other resources to find information.
  • Ask your family and friends for leads.
  • Negotiate with your supplier.
  • Ask your manufacturer to provide a quote.
  • Establish a friendly and good relationship with the supplier.
  • Keep patience in dealing with the stakeholders.

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