Tools that can Propel Your Online Business to Success

Tools that can Propel Your Online Business to Success
Tools that can Propel Your Online Business to Success
October 22, 2016

The advent of the Internet has witnessed the insurgence of many online stores. This is a great platform for a business due to the exposure to a wide spectrum of customers. Easier said than done, the effort that goes into transforming an online business to a successful one can be painstakingly hard. Nevertheless, the use of certain tools for your online business can boost sales and productivity. Let us have a look at some of the highly desirable eCommerce tools that make the life of online entrepreneurs a breeze.

Google Analytics can help you to realize goals

Google Analytics is the most sought after tool used by those engaging in eCommerce trade. The service offered by this tool gives an insight into the website traffics and helps to transform consumer insights into goals. The user engagement is drastically improved with the use of this tool. This tool helps to evaluate the quality of the landing page and helps to monitor sales and revenue. The use of this tool will help online businessmen to take better business decisions. The Google Analytics 360 Suite is designed for large companies.

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Google Adwords can boost revenue

If you are looking to significantly increase your business revenue, then Google AdWords is the key. This service allows advertisers to advertise their message or product to website users. Advertisers pay the website when a user clicks on their advertisement. AdWords is considered to play an important role in Google’s revenue. This tool offers pay-per-click that can attract traffic and increase revenue.

Get Response can be used to design landing page

Get Response is an effective marketing weapon that should be used to push sales off the boundary. This email marketing strategy helps to create emails and powerful landing pages in a jiffy. The strategy deployed here is to move according to the customer’s online behavior based on their browsing history. This tool can increase your sales and attract more customer traffic in the long run.

Google Tag Manager facilitates in better user experience

This is a tag management tool that helps you to add and make changes in tags. All websites should have a Google Tag Manager that can help the page to be loaded faster and can help with great user experience. A website that has users that are happy with the page can be helpful to increase sales.

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Online Conversion Insights can analyze conversion rates

When it comes to online business, the competition is intense and insane. Monitoring the competitor’s conversion rates can go a long way in figuring out what and where your company is lacking. The Online Conversion Insights is a fabulous tool that helps customers to browse through their desired list of things and thereby increasing sales. This tool helps to secure a plan that can target audience to your website and also analyze the competitor’s conversion rates.

PayPal should be the method of payment

PayPal is a very secure and trusted platform for making payment. The features incorporated in PayPal make it stand out from the rest of the payment platforms. The hassle free steps for set up is also a strong feature of PayPal. Having PayPal in your website can make customers more confident in making purchases from your website and would attract more traffic.

GeoTrust is great for obtaining SSL

Obtaining SSL for your website is crucial as it can ensure secure transactions. Customers exchange sensitive information while making a purchase. SSL can encrypt this sensitive data. GeoTrust provides services for SSL encryption and authentication of websites apart from safe and secure email, digital signatures and so on. A sense of trust is instilled on customers who visit sites that has SSL certification. Online business should use the service of GeoTrust for secured transactions.

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ClickDesk can build happy customers

Any online business can thrive only if it has happy customers. A great customer experience can go a long way in maintaining and attracting new customers. ClickDesk is a live chat software that supports voice and video calls. Any customer visiting your website can chat with the customer support to address their queries. This helps in building a good rapport with customers and they are motivated to visit the site more often.

Other tools should also be considered

Some other tools that can help increase sales and revenue of your online business are: Criteo, Marketo, Exit Monitor, Bumpin, Sweettooth Rewards, Marketo and Pardot.

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Article highlights

  • Online business should use the services of tools that will increase revenue.
  • Google Analytics converts consumer insights into goals.
  • Google AdWords helps advertisers to post in websites.
  • Get Response is an email marketing strategy.
  • Online Conversion Insights analyzes the competitor’s conversion rates.
  • PayPal is a trusted payment site.
  • Google Tag Manager helps to add and modify tags in the website.
  • ClickDesk is a live chat software for customers.
  • GeoTrust offers SSL certification to websites.
  • Apart from these, there are several other tools.

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