Top Domain Generators and Latest Domain Extensions

Top Domain Generators and Latest Domain Extensions
Top Domain Generators and Latest Domain Extensions
October 19, 2016

To propel your online business to fame, you need to find a domain name that is unique and which describes the brand. This can be a daunting task. For all you know, the name you had envisioned for your domain would have already been taken. This article will tell you why it is important to create the perfect domain name and some of the domain name generating tools that are available online.

Domain name is very important to popularize your business

Choosing a domain name for your online business can be quite a herculean task. What one needs to keep in mind is that a domain name can significantly boost the credibility of your business. If the domain name is the same as your brand, it will stay in the minds of the customers.

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Domain name generator tools are excellent to produce unique domain names

It is incredible to see how domain name generator tool can inspire you. They help us to think of names that are out of the box and will suggest names that are not picked by competitors. It helps in finding out if the names have already been used and prompts suggestions that are related to the name.

Some of the domain name generator tools that can identify your business

Online domain name generating tools can ease the task of finding a domain name. Let us have a look at the domain name generators that are in vogue.

  1. Lean Domain Search
  2. Name Mesh
  3. Wordoid
  4. Dot-o-mator
  5. NameStation
  6. NXdom
  7. Domainhole
  8. Bustaname
  9. Domainr
  10. Imposssibility!

Some other widely acclaimed name generators that can be used

Domains Bot: This is a name suggestion and a domain search tool. You need to enter a keyword and the result is a comprehensive list of available ideas based on the keyword or those similar to the keyword. It also shows suggestions on domain names that are up for sale, those that are expiring and the ones expired.

Instant Domain Search: This tool will give you a pool of ideas when you type and will let you know if the name is already taken. Also lets you know the names that are on auction.

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NameJet: This is a domain generator that has a list of the expired domains that were once very popular.

KnowEm: This tool works by running a search over innumerable social networks, 150 domain names and USPTO Trademark Database. It then secures the domain name on the Internet

IWantMyName: A very popular tool for those who are after exclusive domain name extensions.

Things to remember while selecting a domain name

A lot of thought needs to be given while choosing the perfect domain name. The domain name should be short and easy to remember as the odds of misspelling and forgetting long names are pretty high. Use words that divulges details of your business as this can improve the rank on search engines. To protect your brand, purchase similar domain names that prevent others from registering a spurious brand under a similar name.

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How to register domain names that are specific to a city or country

If you are thinking of registering your brand with an extension that is specific to a place, Shopify is the place to help you for the same. A place specific domain extension helps in better ranking and is a great marketing idea.

Some of the exclusive domain extensions that are being used

Apart from country or place specific extensions people are now using extensions that conveys the purpose of the brand. The chances of getting a domain name of your desire are high. Some of the examples are: .boutique, .bid etc.

Act fast to get the desired domain name.

Domain names sell like hot cakes. Since they are less expensive, you can register your domain name at the earliest. Even if the names are taken up, the above listed tools will suggest alternate names that are unique to your business.

Research the name beforehand so as to avoid legal issues

Before registering your domain name, you need to check that the chosen name is not copyrighted or used by someone else. Using the same name can get you into legal troubles and end up in spending a fortune.

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Article highlights

  • Domain names are important to uniquely identify your business.
  • A domain name can be used as a marketing tool to successfully launch the business.
  • Domain name generator tools can help in finding the perfect domain name.
  • A list of some of the commonly used domain name generator tools.
  • Domain names should be short and easy to remember.
  • Domain names should hint the purpose of your brand.
  • Using a country specific domain extension can increase consumer traffic to the website.
  • Making use of exclusive domain extension can help people remember about the website.
  • One needs to get started quick on finding the domain name for their business.
  • Make sure you do not use a name that has been already used as it can get into legal complications.

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