Well-Kept Secrets on How to Quickly Make the First 100 Sales

Well-Kept Secrets on How to Quickly Make the First 100 Sales
Well-Kept Secrets on How to Quickly Make the First 100 Sales
October 23, 2016

Setting up your online store can be an overwhelming experience. Upon successfully setting up the store, you are faced with a mind boggling question- How do I quickly make the first 100 sales? The hacks you need to deploy for this mission are spilled in this article.

The basics of successfully kick-starting the business

It is important to attract the first set of customers really quick. For this you need to determine who your potential customers would be and develop strategies to effectively reach out to them. It is also important to instantly create a connection with them by adding value to the service and creating unforgettable customer experience. Another crucial point to consider is to set the goal of pushing sales to newer heights.

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Effective pre-launch can create a buzz

Before launching your business, a strategy needs to be designed to get potential customers. Creating a pre-launch buzz can lead to a lot of people subscribing to your mailing list. Offering discounts to the early birds can be used as a pre-launch marketing strategy that will attract more people. This method will gain product publicity with word of mouth.

Create a space for your product on Amazon

Amazon is the most active site with over 250 million users. This can serve as a great platform to attract customers. Two points that can help your product to steer ahead in the product listings are: the rate at which customers are buying your product can increase your product’s ranking and the other factor that determines the ranking is how many positive reviews the product has received.

A great way to receive reviews for your product is to sell them for free or at a lower price in exchange for their opinion.

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Take advantage of public gatherings to expose your product

A conference or any other meeting can be a great venue to highlight your product to the outside world. This can attract customers. Use effective marketing techniques to grab attention to your product.

Social media should be used to publicize your product

Social media and social sites are a great platform to create publicity for your product. Those products that are popular on social media have an edge over those that are not. In this way, customers are more likely to buy your products. These platforms are a great weapon to promote your product.

Carefully consider and analyze the reviews of your product

There is not an iota of doubt that your family members and friends would be the first ones to buy your product and the first ones to give feedback. Take this opportunity to your stride and see what their opinion about your product is so that you can make changes accordingly and you can also ask them to spread the news about your product.

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Promotional giveaways will create an interest for your product

Organize a contest where the winner will receive your product. This way they get to know your product. People are usually hesitant to buy new products. Promotional giveaways are also used as a weapon for promoting the product. More people are interested in this as it requires no capital investment.

Great advertisement is needed to launch your product

An effective advertisement that targets audience within the product niche is a great marketing idea to expose your product to potential customers. A product that has been rightly advertised can promise a bunch of customers. Facebook and Twitter are a wonderful platform to market your product and to stir in conversations about your product.

Create a blog for your product

The main idea is to maximize the exposure of your product to many customers. You can create a blog that catches the attention of readers with the highlights of the product. Another option is to get a third party to write a blog for your product. This is a sure shot way to guarantee customers for your product as no one likes to test a product that has not been tested. Make sure to add customer reviews and testimonials for the product.

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Article highlights

  • Setting up an online business can be a success if certain points are carefully considered.
  • It is important to understand the principles to be followed to boost the sales.
  • Pre-launch marketing methods should be used.
  • Amazon is a great platform for your product.
  • Product should be promoted in meetings and conferences.
  • Social media is a platform to get your product talked about.
  • Take your friends and family’s advice on the product.
  • Free giveaways for your product will motivate people to try it.
  • Effective advertisement is desirable.
  • Guest blog posting is highly recommended.

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