Best Remedies for LBP – Lower Back Pain

Best Remedies for LBP – Lower Back Pain
Best Remedies for LBP – Lower Back Pain
May 27, 2016

Lower back pain, or LBP, can be very debilitating. The back is one of our most important body parts, and often it is ignored or overlooked until there is a problem. Pain in the lower back can take many forms from something localized to the back itself to sciatica, which originates in the lower back and leads to involvement of parts of the legs in your pain. There are several treatments you can do for lower back pain. Often this is not one single cure, but it is a process of trying several different strategies in combination.

Freeze Pain out of Your Lower Back

When lower back pain strikes your first thoughts should be towards cold. A cold pack reduces inflammation. It slows down nerve impulses and muscle spasms. Use some ice in a sock or a package of frozen food, such as peas, wrapped in a cloth. Apply the cold pack for twenty minutes several times a day.

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Keep on Trucking

Bodies were built for movement. Don’t avoid movement, but limit yourself to what you can do. Start with daily activities such as household tasks and chores. Move slowly at first. As you improve, expand the range of activities that you do. Add walking, swimming, or moving supported by water in a pool. Build up your back strength and you will be both improving conditions now but preventing future episodes.

Stretching is Excellent

Often hamstrings and muscles are tense and tight. These overly wound components can lead to problems or exacerbate conditions. Stretch your hamstrings twice daily. Lay on your back and bend one knee towards your chest. Bend the other leg and place that foot on the floor. Place a rolled-up towel around over the sole of your foot.   Grasp the towel ends, one in each hand, and slowly straighten your leg out towards the ceiling. Hold the stretch for several minutes, then switch to the other leg to stretch it.   Repeat twice daily.

Stay Cognizant of Your Posture

Posture can have a big effect on pain. Monitor your posture when you are seated. Use straight-back chairs and do not slump. When doing physical labor, lift with your legs; not your back. Be sure not to twist or turn your back while lifting heavy objects.

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Bone Health is Key

Support your back by keeping bones strong and healthy. Quit smoking because it leads to osteoporosis. Consider drinking one glass of milk daily for a calcium boost. Bone strength will serve you well in the long term.

Reduce the Load on Your Back

Many people do not consider the strain of the load of their bodies. Extra weight means extra work for the back. Lowering your weight will help your back because it will need to work less to support your body. Avoid fad quick-fix diets and instead, make small changes in your eating habits to reduce sugars, fats, and excess carbohydrates. Incorporate brisk walking into your daily life for a boost towards your diet plans.

Restorative Rest is Remarkable

Often overlooked, restorative rest is a wonderful treatment. Sleeping well at night allows the body to repair itself.   Get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Awaken refreshed with improved health. Proper sleep will do wonder for your back, but will improve your concentration and lead to weight loss.

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Hot Compress for LBP

Heat can help until knots in the back. It can reduce aches and pains. Take a hot shower or bath. Use a hot water bottle several times a day pressed against the lower back. Consider alternating hot and cold compresses every other day. If you take a hot bath, soak for thirty minutes. Add two cups of Epsom Salts to the bath water too.

Release Tension with Soothing Massage

Massage can release tension and soothe aches. Massage the lower back, buttocks, thighs, and the back of legs. Use gentle pressure and increase the strength of the massage as needed. Consider using eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil as your massage oil.

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Article highlights

  • Lower Back Pain (LBP) can take many forms and even involve the back of the legs.
  • When the pain first starts, use a cold compress to freeze out the pain.
  • Continue moving; you are meant to move, so don’t deny yourself that.
  • Stretching, especially hamstrings, should be done slowly and gently, but daily.
  • Monitor posture while seated and while doing physical labor.
  • Quit smoking to stop osteoporosis.
  • Lose some weight to reduce back strain.
  • Restore health by getting a proper night’s sleep.
  • Use a hot water bottle or a hot bath.
  • Massage the lower back; use eucalyptus or peppermint oil too.

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