Clearing Up Acne Easily at Home

Acne, a common condition that stems from hair follicles and clogged pores, can affect anyone though it is mostly associated with teenagers and young adults. It usually happens on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back. This common condition has a number of home remedies.

Wash Several Times Daily

Using your hands, gently wash you face several times daily. Use a mild soap and warm water. Avoid harsh cleansers or soaps. Excessive washing or scrubbing can irritate acne. Pat your face dry as rigorous drying with a towel can also worsen acne.

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Salicylic Acid Saves the Skin

Seek out skin washes containing salicylic acid. Your symptoms might worsen at first, but after a few weeks a balance will be found, and you should see improvements. Use the wash as directed or twice a day, if there is no product recommendation.

Skin Irritants Should be Avoided

Use cosmetics and skin products that are not oily or greasy. These would aggravate your acne. Seek out similar products that are water-based or that say they are noncomedogenic. You should also consider your choice of sunscreen and hair products. These can affect the facial area too.

Sunlight Can Make It Worse

Those with acne need to be extra careful about sunshine. Some acne treatments will make skin more susceptible to sunburn. Stay out of the sun particularly during the hottest part of the day when the sun is delivering full power to the earth.

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It Touches Your Face

Be aware of what touches your face. Then, avoid having those items touch your face. This means avoid touching your face with your hands, your hair, or things like a telephone receiver. All these can spread and carry oils to your face. They also can carry sweat. Sweat plus oil on your skin equals acne. For an item such as your mobile phone, consider cleaning it to avoid oil build up on the device. For your hair, be sure to wash it regularly to control oil. Limit use of oil-based hair products to avoid transferring their oil to your face.

Tea Tree Oil Tackles Acne

Gels or oils that contain at least five percent tea tree oil work wonders on your acne. Use the gel as directed. If you have pure tea tree oil, mix some with a mild soap and use it to wash twice daily. Tea tree oil can also be put on a cotton bud, and the pimples touched with this cotton bud. If you find that your skin gets irritated with direct application of the oil, consider diluting the oil with some aloe vera gel or some pure water. Then apply it.

Azelaic Acid Attacks Acne

A natural ingredient from whole grains, azelaic acid can help with acne. Seek out a gel or creme with twenty percent azelaic acid. Use it twice daily for up to four weeks. Azelaic acid kills the bacteria that causes acne and clears and cleans your pores.

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Zinc Sinks Acne

Make sure your diet includes enough zinc. For example, pumpkin seeds, spinach, toasted wheat germ, and cashew nuts all have high concentrations of zinc. Include these zinc-rich foods in your diet.

Green Tea Extract for Clear Skin

Use a tonic or creme that is at least two percent green tea extract. Use the lotion twice a day; morning and night. In the absence of green tea extract, create a face wash from green tea. Steep one or two green tea bags in hot water. After it cools, use the mixture to wash and rinse your face.

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Article highlights

  • Acne is common and can be treated by home remedies.
  • Wash several times daily with a mild soap.
  • Use a skin wash with salicylic acid twice a day.
  • Avoid oily or greasy skin products.
  • Sunlight can be harmful and sunburns happen more quickly.
  • Limit things that touch your face.
  • Tea tree oil does a great job on acne.
  • Use azelaic acid twice a day in a gel or creme.
  • Make sure you get extra zinc.
  • Use green tea extract to zap acne.

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