Cucumbers can be a Home Remedy for Kidney Failure

Cucumbers can be a Home Remedy for Kidney Failure
Cucumbers can be a Home Remedy for Kidney Failure
August 29, 2016

Kidney failure, which is also called renal failure, is the medical condition where the kidneys no longer can sufficiently filter waste and toxins from the blood. Kidneys play an important role in removing waste and also regulate salt and water levels in the body. These levels, in turn, affect blood pressure. Home remedies that involve cucumbers may help.

Cucumbers in your Diet Help

One of the important things regarding kidney problems is to limit the amount of salt. Excess salt must be removed by the kidneys. Avoid highly processed foods such as canned foods and highly processed foods. Replace these foods with healthy, fresh alternatives. One of these is cucumber. Choose fresh, organic cucumber from the market.  Cucumbers can be made into a zesty salad. In a blender, finely chop one cup of mint leaves with two tablespoons of lemon juice and three tablespoons of olive oil. In a serving bowl, combine two pounds of cooled, cooked shrimp with the zest of one lemon and the mint mixture. Toss and serve.

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Hydrated for Health

Adults need about two liters of water per day. Hydration is important because water is needed to maintain proper blood pressure. Water also is used to eliminate wastes from the body.  A recipe involving cucumbers is the following: finely chop one cucumber, one lemon, and a quarter-cup each of fresh basil and fresh mint. Place in a serving pitcher and add ten cups of water. Stir. Then refrigerate overnight before serving.

Cucumber Soups

Cucumber can be made into a gazpacho-style soup. Remove the seeds and puree two cucumbers and combine with other healthy ingredients such as two tablespoons fresh dill, one-quarter cup mint, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Then add one-third cup finely chopped sweet onion and one scallion. Mix with a two-thirds cup of water, one-half cup half and half cream, and one-third cup sour cream. Chill and serve.

Cucumber as a Sandwich Spread

A tasty sandwich spread from cucumbers can be a treat. Just combine two tablespoons of cream cheese with one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Mix in a quarter teaspoon of dry Italian salad dressing mix and a pinch of dried dill weed. Chill for at least one hour. Peel and slice half a cucumber. Toast four slices of bread.  Spread the mixture on the toast. Then place slices of cucumber on top. Serve.

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Cucumber Mojito for Celebrations

This mocktail will be the talk of the party. First, make mint syrup by simmering one-third cup each of water and raw sugar.  Remove from heat and add one-half cup of mint leaves. Let it steep for ten minutes; then strain and cool. Next, braise and mix four mint leaves, half a lime cut into wedges, and four slices of peeled cucumber. Add one ounce of the mint syrup and one-half cup of ice. Add four ounces of apple juice or pink grapefruit juice. Top up with dry cucumber soda. Club soda can be substituted for cucumber soda. Serve.

Use a Juicer for Ease

Want to get more cucumber into your diet? Try using a juicer and this great recipe. In the juicer, combine twelve centimeters of watermelon, two tablespoons of raspberry, six strawberries, one carrot, half a cucumber, and one-half cup or parsley. Stir and serve. This mixture can keep for up to twenty-four hours. Be sure to eat low-potassium foods the rest of the day as this recipe contains high potassium foods.

Get Some Exercise — With Cucumber

Some mild exercise like walking is important. Three times a week, take a thirty-minute walk. You should keep up a good, brisk pace. Take some cucumber water with you for hydration. To make cucumber water, just take one organic cucumber. Slice it. Combine into two quarts of water. Optionally add some braised mint leaves to taste and some lime or lemon juice also to taste. Chill overnight. As you walk, stay quenched with your cucumber water. Bring a friend to talk with too.

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Lose Weight with Cucumbers

You should take some of the load off your kidneys by reducing weight. Weight loss should happen gradually. One way to do this is to use cucumbers. Get a spiral cutter to cut an organic cucumber into interesting shapes. Use the spiral-cut cucumber as an uncooked substitute for noodles in your favorite pasta dishes. This will cut calories dramatically and reduce fat.

Cucumbers Baked

It is not all salads and smoothies. Cucumbers can be baked too. Prepare cucumbers by peeling, seeding, and steeping in some white vinegar overnight. These can be baked into recipes such as mock lasagna. Cucumbers are versatile.

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Article highlights

  • Kidneys regulate the body’s waste, salt, and water.
  • Replace high sodium foods with fresh, organic foods such as cucumber.
  • Adults need two liters of water per day.
  • Make cucumber into a chilled soup.
  • Cucumber sandwiches are a healthy way to vary your diet.
  • A mocktail from cucumbers for parties.
  • Cucumber smoothie for health.
  • Take cucumber water with you when you exercise.
  • Use uncooked, spiral-cut cucumber instead of noodles.
  • Prepare cucumbers with white vinegar to substitute into recipes.

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