Easeful Relief from Toothaches

The primary cause of toothaches is when the bacteria that live in your mouth generate a plaque that sticks to teeth. The acids from the bacteria eat through the enamel of teeth until the more delicate core of the tooth is affected. Other causes may involve new teeth erupting from the gums (for children or adolescents), build up food debris between teeth or lodged between a tooth and its gum line, or a fracture in a tooth. Here are some home remedies that can help relieve these symptoms.

Saltwater Swish

This is one of the best things you can do while you are waiting for dental treatment. Take some clean, warm water — warm because your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold. Dissolve one-half teaspoon of non-iodized salt with one cup of the warm water. Swish the mixture around for several minutes. Spit out the water; don’t swallow it. You can also gently use dental floss around the tooth to try to dislodge any stuck food.

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Clove Oil Kills Pain

Clove oil has been shown to be as effective as commercial, pharmaceutical grade pain relievers. Rub some clove oil directly on the painful area. Another option is to soak a cotton swab or cotton ball in the clove oil and use that to apply the oil. Be sure to apply the oil not only to the tooth but also the immediately surrounding gum area.

Cold Can Control Pain

Some studies have shown a link between the hands and tooth pain. Take some ice and rub it at the V-shaped between the thumb and first finger. Choose the hand that is the same side of the body as your toothache. Apply the ice for five to ten minutes. When the hand area turns numb, your pain should be relieved.

A Cold Compress Helps the Hurt

When your toothache is from trauma to your head or face, you can get a toothache. A cold compress can reduce swelling and assist with a fever. Gently apply the compress to the cheek near the tooth.   Also, get additional rest. Be careful with chewing to avoid more damage.

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Garlic is Good

Some have reported that the effects of garlic are beneficial. The liquid allicin from crushing garlic is a disease fighter. Pulverize one clove of garlic and place the paste about the tooth. As another option, use garlic oil applied with a cotton swab.

DIY Hydrogen Peroxide Mouth Rinse

Hydrogen Peroxide is a common item around the house. At home, you can make a mouth rinse by mixing hydrogen peroxide with water and in a ratio of 1 to 5.   Rinse the mixture in around your mouth for up to one minute. Don’t swallow the mouth rinse. Expect foam as that is the natural reaction of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide full strength in your mouth — it’s too strong for teeth and gums at full strength. When you are finished, rinse your mouth again with pure water to remove any remaining hydrogen peroxide.

Vanilla Vanquishes Pain

Another time-honored remedy to stop toothache pain is vanilla extract.   Soak a cotton swab or cotton ball in pure vanilla extract. Gently dab it on the affected tooth and gums. Repeat this several times a day until you get results.

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Wheatgrass for Pain Abatement

The elements in wheatgrass provide a natural way to improve oral health. Wheatgrass juice kills bacteria and freshens the mouth. Use some wheatgrass juice as mouthwash. Alternatively, you could just gently chew on some wheatgrass directly.

Salt & Pepper Makes It Better

For pain relief, mix equal parts of non-iodized salt with ground black pepper. Add some pure water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the tooth and gum area that is aching. Repeat several times a day until you get relief. The two ingredients bring together antibacterial and analgesic properties in one paste.

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Article highlights

  • Acids in mouth bacteria destroy teeth’s outer enamel leading to tooth decay and pain.
  • Swish some saltwater for cleaning and relief.
  • Clove oil wards off pain.
  • Apply ice to a certain part of the hand to relieve pain
  • A cold compress to the rescue.
  • Use the oil from crushed garlic to restore health to your mouth.
  • A mouth rinse from hydrogen peroxide may help.
  • Vanilla extract eases pain.
  • Wheatgrass for good oral health.
  • Use salt and pepper paste to alleviate pain.

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