Escape from PMDD Naturally

PMDD is the short form of premenstrual dysphoric disorder which is an acute premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It affects up to ten percent of women. Some symptoms include excessive depression, anxiety, and moodiness. Although currently a cause for this condition has not been conclusively identified, most researchers and doctors believe it results from hormonal fluctuations possibly combined with pre-existing depression or anxiety. There are several steps you can undertake to improve things.

Good Nutrition is a Good Step

A good first step is to improve your regular eating habits. Look for ways to limit caffeine, salt, alcohol, chocolate, and refined sugar. Controlling these items means reducing mood swings and moderating other symptoms. Seek out healthy substitutes and alternatives. Proper nutrition helps overcome many physical weaknesses and keeps your health fit.

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Avoid Tobacco Use

To reduce mood swings and other symptoms, stop smoking and avoid environments with tobacco smoke. In addition to directly helping with PMDD, this will improve overall health as well. If you regularly smoke, find alternatives to smoking such as sugarless chewing gum. An even healthier alternative is to have carrot sticks, celery, or a radish instead of a cigarette.

Eat Small Meals

Throughout the day, have several small meals. This will help maintain energy levels and avoid swings from a big meal entering your digestive system. The meals should be centered round complex carbohydrates while low in fat and protein. Many recommend five or six meals a day for those eating small meals. Be sure that your plan includes a good breakfast as that is the first meal after comparatively many hours of sleep and not eating.

Regular Exercise

Get regular light aerobic exercise. Five times a week, engage in an exercise such as brisk walking. This means at a pace such as “walking with purpose.” Each time, walk twenty to thirty minutes. In addition to relieving stress and helping with hormone levels, the exercise will have other positive benefits on your overall health. Another option to brisk walking is swimming or light exercise in a pool such as walking in the pool.

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Sufficient Sleep

Adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Restorative rest such as this improves overall health and helps moderate stress and mood. During sleep, you are mentally and physically healed and improved. Good sleep will allow the body to restore your health naturally. Sound sleep also functions as an antidepressant that helps alleviate psychological disorders.

Yoga is Useful

Promote relaxation and general good health through yoga. The breathing and poses of yoga lead to stress reduction as well as building core strength and health. Practice yoga several times a week. Be sure to get instruction in proper poses and techniques to get the maximum benefit. An alternative to yoga is Tai Chi.

Chaste-berry has Good Results

Many have reported good results from chaste-berry. Chaste-berry has been shown to reduce swelling, control mood swings, and lower food cravings. Take twenty to forty milligrams per day. Consider dividing this amount into two even doses.

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Calcium can Help

Make sure you get about 1200 milligrams of calcium per day. This can come from regular sources in your diet or supplements. This dosage has been shown to reduce symptoms. Good sources of dietary calcium are spinach, kale, soybeans, sardines, salmon, cheese, yogurt, and milk. Beware of overdoses of calcium which may result in Hypercalcemia.

Fix with Vitamin B-6

To help alleviate symptoms, get fifty to one hundred milligrams of Vitamin B-6 per day. Natural sources of B-6 are fish, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and non-citrus fruits. For added benefit, have some magnesium. About 350 milligrams of magnesium per day is recommended. Good sources of magnesium are green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole wheat foods, and milk.

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Article highlights

  • PMDD affects up to 10% of women. It likely comes from hormonal changes.
  • Improve your diet and nutrition by avoiding caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, salt, and refined sugar.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat many small meals throughout the day.
  • Get regular aerobic exercise.
  • Be sure to get enough quality sleep.
  • Practice yoga or Tai Chi several times a week.
  • Chasteberry can help control symptoms.
  • Have about 1200 milligrams of calcium daily.
  • Get enough vitamin B-6 and magnesium per day.

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