Home Care for Swollen Legs and Kidney Disease

Home Care for Swollen Legs and Kidney Disease
Home Care for Swollen Legs and Kidney Disease
August 28, 2016

Leg swelling comes from the excess fluid build up. This fluid build up could originate with several causes, and one of those is kidney disease or kidney failure. For kidney failure, also called renal failure, there are some home remedies to improve the situation.

Lower your Potassium

To assist your kidneys with removing waste and toxins, eat low potassium foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, cabbages, grapes, strawberries, and green beans are excellent choices. Include some in each meal.

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Reduce Sodium

Switch to low-salt foods. Avoid canned, frozen, and highly processed foods. They have high sodium content. At home, do not add salt to food in cooking or at the table. Less salt means less waste for your kidney to balance and eliminate. It will also affect your blood pressure.

Limit Phosphorous

Avoid high phosphorous content foods such as milk, cheese, dried beans, nuts and peanut butter. It is not possible to avoid all of these, so just be aware of how much phosphorous you have in your diet.

Lower Your Weight

Follow a moderate diet with some light exercise to have gradual weight loss. Losing weight will go a long way to reducing strain on your kidney but also reducing excess fluid. Not only will your kidney work easier, but your whole body will be more healthy. Be sure not to do a fad diet or a crash diet. These express-train diets can have side effects which may be important when you are carefully watching your food choices.

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Keep Your Feet Elevated

Whenever you are lying down, you should use pillows, or a rolled up blanket to elevate your feet. This is especially important when you are lying down for an extended time such as while sleeping. Consider other extended times you are sedentary such as when reading a book or watching television. At those times, look for ways to keep your feet elevated.

Walking for Fluid

Include daily walking of ten minutes every two waking hours. In addition, plan to do some brisk walking for thirty minutes three times a week. The exercise will pump fluid out of your legs. A problem of walking will help you lose weight and improve overall health. Another excellent idea is to do some yoga. Stay active and the water will pump out.

Ankle Pumps Will Help

This is the exercise where you point your toes down and then point them up flexing your ankles. Do this exercise five times and each time do three sets of thirty repetitions. This exercise can easily be done while you are at home, watching TV, or at the office. Combine this with some walking to get a faster benefit. Be aware of tight-fitting clothes at the thigh or tight-fitting socks. These can trap fluids in the legs.

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Water Exercise

Take to the pool and do water-based aerobics for a low-impact exercise. Another option is simply to walk in the water.  Schedule this for three times a week and each session a solid thirty minutes. You will find the pool will support your weight, so this exercise is a good starter exercise if you are unsure about more rigorous exercises.

Overall Diet Improvements

Look to improving your overall diet. Switch to lean protein sources. Make sure you are not eating excess protein. Avoid high fat items. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits will help too. Be sure to drink at least ten cups of water per day. Your liquids can include green tea or herbal tea for some additional benefit to you.

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Article highlights

  • Fluid build up can come from kidney failure and kidney disease.
  • Choose low-potassium foods.
  • Do not add sodium to your diet.
  • Avoid high phosphorous foods when you are able to do so.
  • Lose some weight.
  • Keep feet elevated when lying down.
  • Walking will pump fluid out.
  • Ankle pumps will pump fluid.
  • Do some water aerobics in the pool.
  • Improve your overall diet.

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