Home Treatment for Proteinuria and Chronic Kidney Failure

Home Treatment for Proteinuria and Chronic Kidney Failure
Home Treatment for Proteinuria and Chronic Kidney Failure
August 28, 2016

Proteinuria means abnormally high levels of protein being excreted in your urine. This can happen naturally from time to time, so it is best to have several tests performed over time to see if the high protein readings are consistently elevated or not. Proteinuria is a symptom of a larger issue with your kidneys rather than a problem in itself. However, there is some work we can do at home to improve the overall situation.

Proper Protein

Make sure you have the correct amount of protein in your diet.  The average person needs 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight. If you are eating in excess of that, then you are causing work for your kidneys to manage the extra amount. Make sure too the protein that you get is from lean, low-fat sources.

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Cut Down on Salt

Reduce your salt intake. Do not add salt to food. Limit your consumption of high salt foods such as canned soup, dressings and sauces, cured meats, and highly processed foods. Extra salt causes extra work for the kidney which can aggravate the situation.

Watch Potassium and Phosphorus

Like salt, these two items put stress on your kidneys. Dark leafy greens, potatoes, beans, and bananas are all high in potassium. Seeds, nuts, and cheese are high phosphorus items. Limit these items in your diet. In addition, be careful about salt substitutes as these items may have high levels of potassium and phosphorus in exchange for salt.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has several ill effects on the lungs. However, smoking also leads to atherosclerosis. This condition increases blood pressure and reduces blood flow to the kidneys. To improve your health, give up smoking and other tobacco products. No only will your lungs and heart thank you, but your kidney will be healthier too.

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Get Some Exercise

Exercise will help you maintain the proper weight and lower blood pressure. Even light exercise such as brisk walking for thirty minutes several times a week will have an impact.  Consider walking with a friend in a park to make it more enjoyable. Other options include using the stairs up or down for part of the way to your destination.

Maintain a Proper Weight

Excess pounds on your body frame carry a number of health risks. Look carefully at reducing your weight gradually. Make changes to your diet to reduce the number of calories. Increase the amount of physical activity you do. Look at other eating options such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are getting about nine servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Limit Alcohol and Increase Hydration

Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all.  No more than one to two drinks per day. Excess alcohol makes your kidneys work harder and overall creates more health problems for the body. Consider other options such as juices, teas, or pure water. Cranberry juice has been noted as being especially good. Adults should have about two liters of water per day. Being dehydrated is bad for your kidneys.

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Eat More Apples

Apples are known for their cleansing and detoxifying properties. Have an apple a day to help your kidneys. If you have some raw apple after a meal, it can help with digestion and cleaning of your teeth too. Be sure to eat raw, fresh apples instead of applesauce.

Watch Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

Monitor both blood sugar, especially if you are diabetic, and blood pressure. When these are at elevated levels, kidney damage can result.  High blood pressure is one of the most frequent causes of kidney damage. A normal blood pressure level is about 120 / 80.

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Article highlights

  • Proteinuria means excessively high levels of protein in your urine.
  • Get the correct amount of protein in your diet.
  • Reduce salt in your diet.
  • Limit potassium and phosphorus in your diet.
  • Stop smoking to lower blood pressure and keep blood flow open to the kidneys.
  • Get some exercise several times a week.
  • Lower your weight to put less stress on your body.
  • Limit your alcohol as it causes stress on your kidneys.
  • Eat an apple a day for its detoxifying effects.
  • Monitor blood sugar and blood pressure.

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