Home Treatment to Lower High Creatinine Levels

Home Treatment to Lower High Creatinine Levels
Home Treatment to Lower High Creatinine Levels
August 28, 2016

High Creatinine levels in blood are indicative of a problem with your kidneys. It is important to focus on the root causes of the rise of Creatinine level. The levels are just symptoms from root causes. There are several things you can do to lower Creatinine levels.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been found to reduce Creatinine levels. In addition, this tea will help you relax. You have to steep three teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers in one cup of hot water for five minutes. Strain out the flowers, and then drink. Have several cups of this tea daily. Chamomile tea also helps with diabetes which is a big concern that kidney patients have.

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Change to a more Plant-based Diet

The main source of Creatinine is from eating animal-based products. Stop the problem at its source by eating a more vegetarian diet. This will improve your overall health as well as keep your Creatinine levels low.

Stinging Nettle Tea

Add three teaspoons of dried nettle leaves to a cup of hot water. Steep it for ten minutes, strain and then drink. Drink this tea twice daily.  This tea helps remove impurities. This tea helps flush toxins and improves your overall outlook on life. It helps with blood pressure and diabetes. Some have reported that this tea helps with weight loss too.


Long considered a good choice for those with high Creatinine levels, cinnamon is a good choice. Cinnamon will increase kidney output and filtration. It helps moderate blood sugar levels. Add some cinnamon to your hot beverages, smoothies, desserts, and other foods. Cinnamon can be powdered and used on top as a garnish. Alternatively, whole cinnamon sticks can be steeped in drinks or elsewhere that cinnamon is something to be sure to include.

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From Traditional Chinese Medicine sources, Astragalus has been known to work with kidney problems. It is a diuretic and lowers Creatinine levels. Boil quarter cup of Astragalus root slices in one quart of water for thirty minutes. Strain. Drink this tea between meals several times per day. It is advised that you do consult with an expert TCM practitioner as this is a strong treatment option.

Dandelion Root Takes Hold

This can flush toxins and lower Creatinine levels. In a cup of hot water, add one tablespoon of dandelion root powder. Steep it for ten minutes, then strain and drink. Have this tea several times a day for several weeks. This tea will help with salt levels and blood pressure as well.

Corn Silk

The natural diuretic properties of corn silk will increase urine output and reduce Creatinine. Add two teaspoons of dried corn silk to a cup with some boiling water. Steep fifteen minutes. Strain and then drink this tea three times per day. Corn silk tea also helps with urinary tract problems as well as blood pressure.

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One way is to drink more barley tea. Add one cup of barley to four cups of water. Boil for at least thirty minutes. Strain and drink this slowly. Another option is to eat more barley normally in your diet. It can be cooked, like rice, or it can be added as barley flour.


Water is vital for life and good health. Help your kidneys flush out toxins and lower Creatinine levels by having more water. Have at least ten cups a day. This will also help with maintaining good blood pressure.

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Article highlights

  • High Creatinine levels show a problem with your kidneys.
  • Have several cups of chamomile tea daily.
  • Follow a diet that is more vegetarian.
  • Try having several cups of Stinging Nettle Tea.
  • Cinnamon increases kidney output.
  • Astragalus from TCM is a powerful treatment.
  • Dandelion root tea lowers Creatinine levels.
  • Corn silk tea is a diuretic that helps lower Creatinine levels.
  • Have some barley tea and add cooked barley to your diet.
  • Drink at least ten cups of water per day.

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