Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout

Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout
Most Effective Home Remedies for Gout
May 27, 2016

Gout is a complex type of arthritis. Usually, it affects men more than women. It is most known for intense pain and redness where the big toe attaches to the foot but can be about severe pain at any joint. A gout attack can happen suddenly and could even awaken you in the middle of the night. Gout is caused by excessive uric acid, and foods rich in purines, which break down to uric acid, are to be avoided. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to treat gout at home. The three keys to gout are: watching what you eat, reducing your weight, and increasing your daily exercise.

Limiting your purine intake is a great Step

Purines break down into uric acid. So, limiting purine-rich food is stopping the problem before it happens. Red meats, organ meats, and shellfish are all purine-rich foods. Controlling their amounts in your diet is controlling your gout.

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Reducing alcohol use is essential

Reducing your consumption of alcohol is a significant step in your home treatment. Drinking alcohol affects the kidneys. Your kidney’s ability to eliminate uric acid through urination is impaired by alcohol. This causes more uric acid to build up in your body. Beer is especially to be avoided as it is rich in purines.

Fructose should be avoided

Sugary drinks sweetened with a fruit sweetener, fructose, increase uric acid. Avoid fructose and corn syrup sweetened beverages; choose healthy alternative drinks, especially water. Water not only healthily hydrates your body but supports your kidneys in eliminating uric acid from your system. Water cleanses your body in a natural way.

Weight reduction is important

If you are overweight, your body produces more uric acid, and your kidneys find it harder to eliminate uric acid too. Reduce your weight through gradual changes in your diet. Avoid fad or “crash” diets as these can temporarily spike uric acid levels. Fasting or extreme low-calorie diets have the same adverse effect — they will temporarily cause uric acid to peak.

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Exercise helps in several ways

A moderate exercise program will go far in treating gout. Not only will the exercise support your in your weight reduction goals, but your body will function better. You will find you have more vigor and can take on life’s challenges more easily. Use mind-body linkage to improve your life through making your body stronger and healthier.

Realign your sources of protein

Your body, like all bodies, needs protein. However, protein can come from different sources. Low-fat dairy products have been seen to provide some protection against gout. So, add these to your diet and make low-fat dairy products your preferred protein source.

Cherries change your out outlook

In the case of gout, cherries have been connected with reduced uric acid levels. They have also been noticed to decrease the frequency of gout attacks. Eating more cherries is a healthy way to support you against gout. And, if you don’t like the cherry fruit, there is always cherry extract derived from the fruit.

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Vitamin C intake will help you see your way clear

Increased vitamin C may reduce uric acid levels. Eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C, especially oranges. The extra vitamin C from these foods will help you against gout, but also assist with your weight loss goals.

Coffee lowers uric acid

Studies have shown that coffee reduces uric acid levels. The association is seen in both regular and decaffeinated coffee. Have a cup of coffee to reduce your uric acid levels. Also, coffee leads to more urination which is how your body expels uric acid.

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Article Highlights

  • Gout is a particular kind of arthritis caused by excess uric acid.
  • Gout is more common in men than women.
  • There are three keys to a gout home remedy.
  • Certain foods such as red meat, organ meats, and shellfish cause gout.
  • Gout may be aggravated by alcohol, especially beer.
  • Fructose and corn syrup sweeteners should be avoided.
  • Drinking much water can help reduce your gout.
  • Reduce your weight and exercise more to get rid of gout.
  • Protein from low-fat dairy foods lowers the severity of gout.
  • Eat cherries, vitamin C rich foods and drink coffee.

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