Natural Medicine Vs Orthodox Medicine

Natural Medicine Vs Orthodox Medicine
Natural Medicine Vs Orthodox Medicine
December 27, 2016

Many people are reluctant in taking tablets which contains many unknown ingredients. Orthodox medicines might treat the symptoms sooner but it leaves many side effects which at times cannot be reversed. The natural medicine on the other hand will treat the symptoms without ever leaving side effects. For this many people are on the lookout for treatment with natural remedies. There are several reasons why natural remedies and cures should be used over orthodox medicines and treatments.

Natural Remedies are Safe

Research has shown that over 200,000 people in the U.S die every year from taking prescription medicines. Over 300,000 people die from the interference of conventional medicines with other medicines. This is not the case with natural remedies. No deaths will occur from using natural cures for treating diseases.

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Natural Ingredients are Far Cheaper than Orthodox Medicines

The investment that goes into medical expenses because of orthodox treatments and medicines can take a toll on you. The cost of medicines, surgeries and medical insurance can be quite hefty. On the contrary, natural remedies and treatment can be a lot cheaper and inexpensive. Some of the treatments for natural remedies can be made at home which will not cost you anything.

Natural Cures Treat Better

Natural cure and remedies treats better than the orthodox treatments and medicines because natural medicine not only treats the symptoms alone but the underlying cause is treated. To explain this better, take the example of medicines for blood pressure. The orthodox blood pressure medicine only lowers the level of blood pressure and does not treat blood pressure. On the contrary, natural medicine will treat the calcium deficiency and regulate the pH imbalance, which are the underlying problems of blood pressure.

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Back Pain can be Cured Better with Natural Remedies

A lot of people suffer from lower back pain and people spend a lot on treatments, medicines and surgeries to get rid of it. Opting for massage and chiropractic practices should be considered before going for surgery. There are several natural remedies that have been proven to completely treat back pain. Yoga can also help in reducing back pain.

Allergies are Controlled Better with Natural Cures

Allergies are common among most people. People resort to orthodox medicines and waste a lot of money on it. Orthodox medicines only treat symptoms of allergies and the symptoms usually recur once the medication is stopped. Natural remedies will treat the allergy itself and provide relief from the symptoms. Try using natural cures for treating your allergies and will keep the symptoms at bay.

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Natural Medicines have Hardly any Negative After Effects

Orthodox medicines and treatment can cause side effects. Almost all the medicines are known to have at least one side effect. This can lead to birth of other conditions and diseases. Deaths have also been reported due to use of wrong medication. Natural medicines on the other hand will never have side effects. Even if you are using a wrong natural remedy to treat a condition, you will never have any side effects.

Modern Medicines Work only for a Short term

The problem with modern medicine is that it treats only the symptoms while the underlying conditions are not treated. This is why the condition reoccurs once the medication is stopped. Natural medicines have the ability to treat the underlying condition that triggers the symptoms.

Body Becomes Dependent to Modern Medicines

Once an orthodox medication is used to treat a disease, the body becomes used to it and the medicine incapacitates the body’s immune system to fight the disease on its own. The body depends on the medicine every time the disease develops. It is true that not all disease can be fought by the immune system alone but diseases like cold, headaches should be treated with natural remedies that will only boost the immune system to function better without making it dependent.

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Article highlights

  • Natural medicines should be preferred over orthodox medicines.
  • Natural medicines are easily available.
  • Natural cures are safer than modern medicine.
  • Natural remedies are cheaper.
  • Natural medicines can treat the conditions better.
  • Back pain can be controlled better with natural remedies.
  • Allergies can be controlled well with natural cures.
  • Natural medicines have no side effects.
  • Modern medicines only treat the symptoms.
  • Modern medicines make the immune system dependent on it.

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