Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection

Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection
Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection
May 27, 2016

In most cases, the main culprit behind yeast infection is Candida Albicans, a well-known fungus. Although yeast infections are more commonly associated with the female anatomy, they can occur in males too. For men, a yeast infection more often would occur in uncircumcised men.

The male yeast infection symptoms

The male yeast infection symptoms are a redness or rash on the penis. There can also be an itching or burning sensation at the tip of the penis. A rash and burning / itching are the symptoms. Yeast infections can also occur in the throat, but this is called “thrush.” Treatment is necessary; otherwise, there is a risk of continually re-infecting your partner; passing the yeast infection back and forth.

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Yogurt – The first home remedy

The first home remedy to consider is something containing probiotics. Probiotics are healthy, good bacteria. These are commonly found in yogurt, but check the packaging to make sure you choose a brand of yogurt that contains Probiotics. Just add a bowl of two to three cups of unsweetened yogurt to your daily diet. The yogurt could also be used externally by applying it to the rash area.

Another great remedy is garlic

Garlic with its well-known antibacterial and antifungal properties is another great choice for yeast infections. Eat several cloves of garlic daily. In addition, garlic juice could be applied on the affected area.

Coconut oil to the rescue

Think of warm, tropical islands as you ease the burning and itching through applying coconut oil to the penis area. The coconut oil will help heal cracks and scratches from the yeast infection while reducing irritation and itching.

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Less sugar and more greens

Men should significantly reduce sugar in their diet. At the same time, increase healthy green produce such as lettuce, avocado, and green beans. Legumes such as lentils are also wonderful.

Apple cider vinegar encourages healing

Add two cups of apple cider vinegar to your bath water. Be sure to soak in the tub for at least twenty minutes. Apple cider vinegar can be strong, but using some cotton, gingerly dab some apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area.

Tea tree oil restores health

With its well-documented antifungal properties, using tea tree oil will speed you to the end of the yeast infection. Tea tree oil can be strong, so add a few drops of virgin olive oil. Apply this treatment with a cotton swab.

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Cranberry juice promotes urinary tract health

For a long time, cranberry juice has been known to improve health in the urinary tract. It is packed with Vitamin C and restores proper levels of acidophilus bacteria. For best results, drink two glasses daily until your symptoms improve.

Another sensational soothing treatment

Aloe Vera gel has many antibacterial properties which make it a good candidate for yeast infection remedies. Apply the gel to the affected area and you will find the itching reduced. Be sure to buy pure Aloe Vera gel and not one that was formulated for sunburn as that will have extra, unwanted, ingredients.

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Article Highlights

  • Yeast infections affect men as well as women; not women only.
  • The fungi Candida Albicans is responsible for severe male yeast infection.
  • Male symptoms are redness or rash on the penis accompanied by itching and burning.
  • Early treatment should be given to avoid re-infection through your partner.
  • Probiotics are a good home remedy for male yeast infection.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, or Garlic are other good treatment choices.
  • Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel provide soothing relief to itching and promote healing.
  • Proper diet plan can extenuate the chances of yeast infection in male organs.
  • Cranberry juice promotes overall urinary health while fighting yeast infections.
  • Natural treatment is very popular for permanent cure of this infection.

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