Pernicious Parasite Roundworms Routed by Home Remedies

Pernicious Parasite Roundworms Routed by Home Remedies
Pernicious Parasite Roundworms Routed by Home Remedies
May 27, 2016

One of the more common parasites found in humans, roundworms — with an appearance similar to the common earthworm — make their home in our digestive system. Roundworms are primarily known to make their homes in the small intestine, but can thrive anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract. Often there are no pronounced symptoms from roundworms, but some people experience fevers, dry cough, and irregular bowel movements. Nausea and vomiting are also possible. Of course, seeing the roundworm in the stool is a sure sign. Here are some home remedies that have over time been reported to be effective.

Cleanliness is an excellent first step

No one wants to get rid of roundworms only to have them quickly return through poor hygiene. So, when you are treating yourself for roundworm, follow these good hygiene rules. Wash your hands with soap and water before eating or preparing food; also after using the toilet. These steps will help keep roundworms from (re)entering your body.

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Fitting food preparation to control Roundworms

Besides personal cleanliness, proper food preparation is also essential. Fruits and vegetables should be washed in safe water, and meats should be frozen at -20 C for at least twelve hours before consumption; cook meats thoroughly at 72 C. These steps go a long way to keeping you from a re-infestation.

Pumpkin seeds are perfect

Peel and mash a generous amount of pumpkin seeds — at least three tablespoons worth. Puree the seeds with a juice of your choice. Drink daily until the infestation has cleared. Ideally, include a portion of food with laxative properties such as banana or kiwi in your breakfast to complement the effects of the pumpkin seeds.

Wormseed tea is a wonderful treatment

Long known in tropical regions for its effectiveness against parasitic worms, wormseed works well. Avoid wormseed oil. Make a tea by steeping wormseed in warm to hot water. Drink daily until the infestation has cleared. Also, don’t confuse Wormseed with Wormwood.

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Garlic zaps parasites

Garlic is well-known for its health promoting properties such as anti-parasitic properties. Eat several cloves of raw garlic daily. Another option is mixing two cloves of crushed garlic with milk. Drink this on an empty stomach.

Cloves close the door on Roundworms

Known for their anti-parasitic properties, cloves are an excellent treatment. Mix one teaspoon of freshly ground clove powder to one cup of hot water. Let the mixture steep for twenty minutes. Drink this clove preparation three times daily for a week. Cloves are also known as a preventative for future infestations.

Papaya seed powder is a powerful treatment

Caricin in papaya seeds helps eradicate worms. Mix two tablespoons of freshly ground papaya seeds with one cup warm milk or water. Drink before breakfast for three times on consecutive days. An alternative approach would be to drink fresh papaya juice on an empty stomach. Repeat this remedy for three days.

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Pomegranate tree bark banishes Worms

An alkaloid in the bark is toxic to the worms. Just add a two-inch portion of bark to one cup water. Boil until it is reduced by half. Allow the mixture to cool and drink three times a day at every meal.

Indian Lilac is a vital Remedy

Indian Lilac, or Neem, is effective against a wide range of parasitic worms. Drink a glass of warm water or milk to which one teaspoon of neem leaf powder has been stirred in. Consume twice daily for a week. Neem also helps remove toxins left behind from the worms.

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Article highlights

  • Roundworms cause irregular bowel movements, dry cough, and fever.
  • Cleanliness of hands when handling food is an important first step.
  • Food should be washed and prepared properly.
  • Pumpkin seeds are a good way to rid yourself of parasites.
  • Wormseed tea is another potent remedy.
  • Adding garlic to your diet is a fantastic idea.
  • A mixture of cloves in a tea-like form is a good treatment.
  • Ground papaya seeds mixed with a drink are an option.
  • Pomegranate bark boiled to make a reduction is a powerful treatment.
  • Indian lilac gets rid of both worms and toxins.

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