Reasons behind Tibetan’s Longevity and How to Achieve the Same

Reasons behind Tibetan’s Longevity and How to Achieve the Same
Reasons behind Tibetan’s Longevity and How to Achieve the Same
December 27, 2016

The medical practices followed by Tibetans are popular to scientists around the world. The use of only natural herbs and plants that goes into the treatment practices is the reason behind successful treatments and this practice guarantees no side effects. There are some preparations that help in relaxation, rejuvenate the body and detoxify the blood vessels. Tibetans are known to have longevity and good health and the secret lies in their leading a natural life and using natural remedies to cure their diseases.

Tibetan Recipe Must Rejuvenate You

This preparation plays a very important role in the Tibetan medicine as it aims at improving longevity. Just mix juices squeezed from ten lemons and one kilogram of honey. Add ten pods of garlic to this mixture and transfer the contents to an air tight container and store it for ten hours. The elixir is ready to use after ten hours. Make sure you take a spoon of this elixir twice every day, preferably before breakfast and dinner.

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Recipe That Relieves Stress and Ensures Relaxation

Tibetan medicine has formulated a tea which can relax and relieve stress. This tea can improve longevity. Boil two liters of water for five minutes. Allow it to cool down before adding two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of lemon juice, five gram of grated ginger and a pinch of pepper with anise. Consume one cup of tea before your meal.

A Wonderful Mixture Refreshes the Heart

This recipe is for purifying the blood vessels which get deposited by fat and this can cause stroke and heart attack. It is also known to prevent tumor and promotes better sight and rejuvenates the body. Just mix one kilogram of lemon with its skin and three hundred grams of garlic in 1.5 liters of water. Boil this for fifteen minutes. Allow it to cool down before transferring it to a glass jar. This should be consumed for 25 days and then should be stopped for ten days before repeating it. Consume 50 ml a day before your meal.

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Garlic has Healing Properties

Garlic is known to have innumerable healing properties. It can bring down blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the odds of getting a stroke or a heart attack is greatly reduced. It protects the blood vessels and prevents tumor from developing. It can ward off stress, tension and fatigue. Garlic has anti- aging properties and can fight flu and cold. It promotes good functioning of the immune system and also fights fungal and bacterial infection.

Lemon is an Antioxidant

Lemon is known to have antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It also has antiaging properties. It has its presence in the blood for about twenty-four hours. It can prevent cancer and is also known to shrink the cancer tumor. It also lowers cholesterol levels. It cleanses the walls of the artery. It also protects from developing heart attack and stroke.

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Honey Performs as an Antibiotic as well as an Antioxidant

Honey is known to be an antioxidant as well as an antibiotic. It can fight and guard our body from germs and foreign substances. Honey can be taken with different herbs to reap maximum benefits. Honey can be used for the purpose of healing. Honey can also be applied on insect bites.

Astragalus also has Antioxidant Properties

Astragalus is an herb that is also used in Chinese medicine. This powerful and miracle herb has antioxidant properties which can promote healing of wounds, strengthens the immune system and good functioning of the heart. Due to its antioxidant properties it should be consumed every day for good health and for good functioning of the body and immune system.

Ginseng Relieves Stress and Removes Colesterol

Ginseng can reduce the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. It is popularly used in Chinese medicine to ward off stress and rejuvenated the body. It can be consumed in the form of tea. It reduces blood pressure, diabetes. Ginseng thus makes itself the herb that promotes longevity.

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Article highlights

  • Tibetan medicine aims at improving lifespan.
  • Tibetan medicine involves the use of several herbs to promote good health.
  • Recipe for rejuvenating the body is in Tibetan medicine.
  • Recipe for relaxation should be consumed daily.
  • Tibetan medicine aims at cleansing the blood vessels.
  • Garlic has healing benefits.
  • Lemon is a wonderful antioxidant.
  • Honey has antioxidant and antibiotic properties.
  • Astragulus boosts the immune system.
  • Ginseng is a herb that promotes longevity.

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